Focusing solely on one’s own business activities may bring short-term success, but we will all have to take a new approach in the longer term.

Cooperation – rather than loose networking – is the name of the game, because that’s the only way to create pioneering innovations and shape the future effectively.

That’s why we established Creators – the innovation ecosystem for the construction and real estate industry. It facilitates cross-industry exchange between startups, major corporates, SMEs, venture capitalists and investors, universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as institutions and knowledge carriers.


Creators Community Call 

Benefit from exclusive access to our innovation ecosystem, participation in all Creators Community Calls (as a Topic Talk or Active Workshop using VR) and pitch sessions, enjoy regular exchange with experts and like-minded people, invitations to our events, and special conditionsfor our programs and event formats.


Creators-Community Call – Active Workshop in VR


No customized 360-degree programs for the niche market you wish to address? Sure there are!

Tailored to whatever development phase they are in, we help startups, companies and creators to advance their ideas in a focused, future-oriented way. With scope for creativity and more than 50 years of industry experience, we work together with you to achieve your goal: We realize business ideas, accelerate your business, help to establish a lasting startup spirit in your company, and set up cooperative ventures.


48 hours, 70 participants, 8 teams, 16 field beds and lots of ideas: The first Creators Corporate Startup Hackathon was held in 2019 and was hosted by Drees & Sommer, Phoenix Contact and Züblin. The theme of the event was ‘The Emotional Building’ and the aims were to work together to advance innovations within a very short period of time, to optimize interaction between people, buildings and equipment, and to emotionalize buildings. Participants developed suitable solutions for various challenges with the support of mentors.

In the Incubator program, participants with concrete ideas have the opportunity to further develop their innovation concepts with the support of professional coaching and startup experts. In the final pitch, they present their concepts to a panel that decides on further funding.

Ten startups, over 70 guests and a day full of innovations: On March 4, 2020, the Creators Accelerator visited Drees & Sommer’s Startup Hub. The pitch competition – in which a group of young entrepreneurs presented their innovative business ideas and competed to win the jury and audience over to their idea – was just one of the events on the program.

Within the space of just five days, this effective and accessible approach to innovation generates and develops groundbreaking ideas. The aim is to develop a market-ready product in just one week by going through a complete development cycle.

Children of Drees & Sommer employees in Stuttgart developed and presented their business models of the future. They were supported by experienced mentors from the startup world, who introduced them to creative methods such as design thinking.

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