Hubs in the innovation network


Hubs are physical locations at a Drees & Summer regional office. They are dedicated to a specific topic and, as central nodes of our ecosystem, have close relationships with relevant players from the scientific community, startups, and the market. Units and labs are teams of experts working on innovations in a specific area, but that do not (yet) operate in their own dedicated premises.



Our Innovation Hub is located in a former industrial bookbindery on the Drees & Sommer campus in Stuttgart. It offers colleagues, clients and companies such as startups and cooperation partners space to work together on innovative projects. Thanks to a combination of innovative building technology, pioneering work environments and sustainable conversion, it also acts as a showcase and test area.

The Innovation Hub is the physical headquarters of our group-wide Innovation Center and the home base of Creators, our innovation ecosystem for the construction and real estate industries. But it also has another role: It is where we work on the digitization of existing business models and on finding answers to relevant questions about the future. In the processs, we develop innovative solutions that flow from our headquarters in Stuttgart out to our regional offices, our projects, and our customers.



The Innovation Hub offers space for innovation and a wide range of uses on three floors. Visitors experience an impressive mix of industrial character, sustainable conversion, pioneering work environments and innovative building services equipment.

Startup Hub Berlin

The German capital – one of the key international startup and innovation hotspots – is also home to our Startup Hub Berlin. It is a thinktank, creative laboratory and playground for the development of ideas that also allows Drees & Sommer, clients and partners to collaborate with startups and grownups.

Through the hub we cultivate our network with the national and international startup community, innovation partners and other corporates’ hubs, and actively advance innovations. We offer space for the development of creative ideas and practical experience and testing of technology and innovation. We promote and support pilot projects with startups as equals.

We are also a reliable partner forhigh-growth grownups, providing customized, needs-oriented support, allowing them to focus on their core business and growth, while we provide support on all aspects of their office and real estate in language they understand.



Establishing and maintaining a network in the startup and innovation scene, scouting for startups and technology partners, and maintaining high visibility in the international innovation hotspot Berlin 


Site for testing, support and evaluation of startup solutions and of technology and digitization approaches in pilot projects


Startup Hub Berlin with Innovation Experience Lab: Allows our employees, partners and clients to experience and test innovations, technology and startup solutions; Provides a space for work on innovation projects and future topics


Contact for grownups and unicorns for all questions on office- and real estate-related issues

Customized Smart Building Hub Aachen

The Drees & Sommer Customized Smart Building Hub is on the RWTH Aachen University campus, an ideal location. Our colleagues there engage in direct exchange with the scientific community and companies – and use the space as a live demonstrator for innovations covering all aspects of smart buildings.

Drees & Sommer has entered into a close collaboration with the campus-based Smart Commercial Building Center, of which we are a member. Priority is given to the development of software-based solutions for commercial real estate, the optimization of facility management services, and the rapid development of marketable components and solutions. The focus is always on achieving added value for the users of the building.

The Drees & Sommer experts working in the hub do not regard digital technologies as an end in themselves. Rather, they and their cooperation and research partners use digital building technology to improve processes and the user experience. They also ensure the sustainable operation buildings and support clients with the development of new digital business models. To achieve this, each Customized Smart Building is precisely tailored to the needs of its users.

Sustainability Hub Stuttgart

The Drees & Sommer Sustainability Hub is located in Obere Waldplätze 11, a multi-award-winning Green Building in Stuttgart. Colleagues, clients and companies there work together to develop innovations to enhance sustainability and cost-efficiency. Built with materials based on the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) principle, and featuring pioneering work environments and efficient building technology, the hub also acts as a live showcase and test laboratory – covering a wide range of topics including the future of cities and urban districts as ‘Blue Cities’.

All key building materials in the hub were audited for health, absence of pollutants, and recyclability. This results in a better indoor climate and protects the environment during demolition. Special acoustic absorbers were specifically modified for use in offices. They were also given a surface treatment that neutralizes odors and volatile substances in room air. A planted wall also contributes to the pleasant indoor climate and brings life to the hub. Office furniture and carpet tiles are fully recyclable, with the latter also binding fine dust.

The highly insulated facade and triple-glazed windows massively reduce the need for heating. Efficient concrete core temperature control turns the ceilings into large-area radiators, and the use of geothermal energy significantly reduces energy demand and carbon emissions.