ANH - Studio in the Box

Imagine a shared space away from your company office. A hub where you can run hybrid meetings, conduct workshops and carry out studio work. A place that can soften even more the boundaries between your workspace at home, the office and the workstation. Where the conference room becomes a stage and where the set-up can be as individual as your users. The Studio in the Box is not an imagined solution, it’s real, and it caters perfectly to these needs. It’s a community space on the Spree. A work hub in the quarter. A place for networking, workshops and creative minds.


New Work, New Space

In the Charlottenburg district of Berlin on the banks of the Spree, ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG is developing a new quarter consisting of business premises. Modern, exclusive and with a view to the river. And with a shared space that just about everyone and especially the tenants can use for conferences, workshops, photo shoots or yoga courses. The concept behind it is as logical as it is innovative: this is the age of new work environments where the conventional office no longer has the monopoly, so we wanted to create a space with opportunities for a variety of communal uses. A space for analogue and digital work, with flexible furnishings, professional equipment and an attractive view of the Spree. The idea for the Studio in the Box was born.


“Sometimes you have to think out of the box to come up with the idea for a Studio in the Box.”

Alexander Strub


The concrete and steel skeleton was retained from what used to be a factory. Glass, plaster and exposed concrete are the materials that dominate the loft office building known as “The Box”. The raw-look design of the integrated studio reflects the rough industrial charm of the place. The technical equipment is visible and adds emphasis to the industrial character; it also provides an analogy with the theatre, which we extend by dividing the studio into stage and backstage: a stage for the performance, and a props and storage space behind the scenes. Maximum options for configuration, maximum focus on the user.



Think variable backgrounds and furniture arrangements, flexible textile layers for privacy, acoustic options and adaptable and high-quality technical equipment, and you have a multitude of settings and possibilities for use. Today it might be a stage for a photo shoot, video recordings or an interview, tomorrow perhaps a hybrid workshop run by the team in a neighbouring building. Whether the events take place in-person or online is immaterial, because the acoustics, microphoning and lighting in this location create the right ambience and at the same time enable professional networking for everyone joining the event from beyond the studio. A pop-up yoga session, a book reading, an exhibition or a community meet-up? It’s all feasible and it’s all possible.



The backstage area is separated from the staging space by a mobile screen. This behind-the-scenes space holds the necessary equipment for every stage scenario. The props and tools for different settings are stored here, a coat rack is included for visitors to use and there’s a coffee bar as well for the breaks.


Smart Services

User-centric down to the smallest detail. The Studio in the Box with all its digital features gives you a friction-free and innovative user experience. Slots ranging from two hours to a whole day, along with the equipment required, can be booked on the website The ANDI app takes care of the rest: for instance, keyless entry to the space, access to the intelligent navigation and room controls systems inside, the purchase of additional, optional services, and also payment.


The Stage is Yours

Let’s stay with the theatre analogy: people meet in a special atmosphere to experience stories and emotions and to immerse themselves in new worlds. The programme is what influences who attends, how the performance unfolds and what connections emerge from it all. The Studio in the Box functions in a similar way. With the added advantage that the users determine the programme themselves and make the studio into what it is: a community space. A communal area that tenants can fill with content, characters and life. A place that establishes a network of neighbourly cooperation and inspirational exchanges, creates synergies and generates new ideas.

Welcome! Please take your seats. The curtain’s about to rise at the Studio in the Box.


“With the studio, ANH has created a third place that the whole quarter will benefit from: sharing is going to strengthen the neighbourhood and the shaping of a community.”

Annette Schorr



ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG


Interior Design

Key data

Project duration: April 2021 – December 2021
GFA: 114 m 2


Photographer: Yves Sucksdorff