Startup network

Startups develop new technologies and disruptive business models, and are digitization drivers. In the past, several industries have learned the hard way how important it is to address future trends in a timely manner. Few companies are able to master this challenge alone. And that makes it all the more important to have an active exchange with innovative startups and a network of like-minded people – such as the ones we foster in our Creators ecosystem.

Our scouting team identifies and assesses high-potential startups worldwide and initiates ongoingcollaboration with Drees & Sommer. Start-up scouting is carried out as the result of an internal request, in response to specific client needs, and on the basis of tech areas and trends regarded as relevant.





While structured trend research is well established in other sectors of the economy, this is not the case in the construction and real estate industry. That is why Drees & Sommer has written an Innovation Scouting Report 2022 examining the technology trends and mega trends that are shaping the industry’s future. The report also presents PropTech and ConTech companies that are specifically focused on promoting these technologies.

In the Drees & Sommer Innovation Scouting Report 2022, we look at the three most relevant technology trends of today: Big Data Analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (The Internet of Things). In the report, we present use cases for the aforementioned trends with concrete solution approaches from the startup scene. The use cases serve as a helpful reference point when strategically aligning innovation activities. After all, companies need the right startup know-how for every phase of the real estate lifecycle.


Whether you look at neo-ecology, digitization or urbanization, the real estate industry is in a period of transition. As a result, innovations that were formerly ‘nice to have’ are becoming essential to corporate success. Just published in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Holzminden, the report provides an overview of relevant topics, technology trends and startups, thus serving as a guide for strategic orientation of innovation initiatives.


‘Trends represent current and future developments, creating the basis of a company's innovation strategy. For this reason, the Innovation Center performs active trend scouting and identifies, evaluates and interprets current trends. We believe that innovation is the result of lively dialog. That’s why we want to bring two aspects together: on the one hand, fruitful lateral thinking and the startup spirit, and on the other, many years of experience, backed by resources and expertise. Startup companies develop new technologies and disruptive business models; they are the drivers of digital transformation. We support both colleagues and clients in accelerating the speed of innovation through dialog as well as through collaboration with startups, with the aim of being well-positioned in terms of innovation and technology as we move forward.’


Nathanie Ursinus-Vasiliadis Head of Innovation Scouting Drees & Sommer