Our experts use tried and tested innovative methods – such as lean management, modularization and digital technology (e.g. BIM) – in order to reduce complexity, minimize interfaces and simplify coordination. Our approach thus enables your construction and real estate projects to be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively.

How Do Construction and Real Estate Projects Become Cost-Effective and Future-Proof?

The challenges facing many real estate, infrastructure and industrial companies are enormous. In addition to industry-wide issues such as the shortage of skilled workers, they include inadequate planning and a lack of coordination, along with errors in the tendering process for projects. 

This is precisely where EPCM comes in, minimizes interfaces and maximizes transparency for the sake of simplifying the coordination of complex projects:

Real estate

EPCM – One-Stop Shop for Future-Proof Construction and Property Projects in the Real Estate, Infrastructure and Industrial Sectors

Using the EPCM model, Drees & Sommer’s experts provide all planning, consulting and management services from a single source. Benefit: the client has only one contractual partner in addition to the companies involved in the execution of the construction project. This reduces complexity, risks and the internal workload and costs of the project considerably.

We Focus on these Methods within the Scope of EPCM

By modularizing a building design, we significantly reduce its complexity in the planning and construction process and enhance the quality of the planning and execution processes. This cuts costs and saves time and resources, without compromising individual ideas and the flexibility of the property. 

By using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital planning we ensure consistent and coordinated planning quality, a basic requirement for any successful construction project. Other key aspects of the BIM method are the transparency of the planning process with the involvement of the client, and increased mutual understanding within the project team. Transfer points to contractors without any breaks in the data, and their involvement at an early stage ensure closer integration of the planning and construction process, making it much leaner overall. 

Lean is a basic approach that aims to avoid waste while also maximizing transparency and learning. In this method, we start from the objective when thinking about processes and thus significantly increase the speed of the entire workflow. We apply the lean concept throughout our projects. This includes in particular the management and integration of all key stakeholders and the entire scheduling during the planning and construction process. 

The Added Value for You

  • Comprehensive coordination of interfaces between disciplines and trades lets processes run trouble-free 
  • Extensive experience in handling complex large-scale projects, along with experts who have a 360-degree overview 
  • All planning, consulting and management competences from a single source – from planning to execution and handover 
  • Concepts with a good balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainability 
  • Methodological skills – lean, digital and modular – reduce complexity and increase efficiency 
  • Unrestricted transparency of planning content, planning progress and realization through the use of innovative methods 
  • Collaborative and process-oriented team work, characterized by fair and open interaction based on partnership
  • All main planning and management expertise in-house, resulting in routine collaboration. If required, we can call in proven cooperation partners

Digital Park Fechenheim Frankfurt

Digital Realty, Data Center FRA18-22

New building references

Digital Realty, Data Center FRA27
University of Augsburg Data Center
Datacenter ZUR3, Zurich Campus Interxion
pRed New Research Centre, Basel
Heilbronn Education Campus
ZAM Urban District
Roche Building 1, Basel
experimenta Heilbronn
The Ship - New building at old wagon factory, Cologne
MORINGA, Hamburg`s Hafencity
New Construction of Orion Levi Strauss Logistics Center, Dorsten

Refurbishment references

Revitalization of Sedanstrasse office high-rise, Cologne
Digital Realty, Data Center FRA18-22
Upgrading of the Energy Efficiency of Telli Quarter Buildings in Aarau, Switzerland
Office Campus Stuttgart
Property Völklinger Straße, Düsseldorf
Bayer expansion of packaging building, Weimar
TÜV Rheinland


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