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Malte Hofmeister

Senior Team Leader, Stuttgart  

"Architecture is both my profession and my passion. I bring my skills as a team leader to my role as architecture project leader and internal project supervisor. My customers – primarily from industry and the automotive and ICT sectors – get holistic, integrated planning. This combines design excellence with planning quality, scheduling, costs and sustainability."

Giulio Castegini

Associate Partner, Frankfurt

I am an architect and contribute my experience in urban planning, brand and corporate architecture, workplace consulting, as well as interior and product design. I work for customers from many different industries, including property companies, and the finance, heavy industry, automotive, and food & beverage sectors. I use my special user knowledge, to help them reposition established properties and strategic new developments ‘from within’.

Arne-Sebastian Fritz

Associate Partner, Hamburg

I am an architect by profession. At Drees & Sommer, I am responsible for project management expertise at the North German regional offices. With my team, I also lead projects through difficult phases to achieve their goals – with projects ranging from feasibility studies and economically and ecologically sustainable stadiums and sports precincts to procurement and contract law issues. My customers are in the fields of sports and entertainment, property companies, and the public sector.

Karsten Eisenmann

Associate Partner, Düsseldorf

I am an architect and I develop portfolio strategies. My clients are mainly investors or public sector bodies. I provide them with a priority roadmap of measures for the cost-efficient implementation of their decarbonization and ESG strategies.

Tabea Marx

Head of Planning, Munich

I am an architect by profession. I also work as an architectural mediator and coach. My expertise includes user management, determination of requirements, stakeholder participation, and process support. The tangible results of my work are concepts for future work environments and real estate that are designed with and for the user and are flexible and, above all, future-proof.

Daniela Johanna Schulze

Senior Team Leader, Cologne

Architect is not only my profession, but also my passion. As a holistic consultant, I am a generalist, bringing a range of skills and many years of experience in project management and user-oriented planning to the table. My team and I deliver new work environments for offices and administration buildings for our customers in all sectors.

Tobias Golz

Consultant, Berlin

I studied architecture and entrepreneurship & business innovation. As a consultant in the Housing sector team, I design solutions for our customers – private developers, cooperative societies and municipal housing associations. My work results in housing that is not only market-oriented, but also meets people’s needs.

Yvonne Allner

Senior Building Performance Project Leader, Stuttgart

I studied architecture and project management. As a project manager and consultant, I establish a solid foundation for projects. One particular challenge is resolving seemingly hopeless situations and getting projects back on track. I mainly use my skills in the public sector, but also in education, science and research. My tasks include project management according to AHO (Commission of Engineers’ and Architects’Associations and Chambers Fee Structure), tendering and award of planning and construction services, and project analysis. I also offer my customers specific Drees & Sommer competencies that their project currently needs – thus creating added value.

Axel Heueis

Associate Partner, Munich

I am an architect and construction/construction planning engineer. I advise and support our customers in the Life Sciences sector on complex production and laboratory projects – from the very early stages right through until the start of production. Whether our customers are inspired by Cradle to Cradle or wish to become carbon neutral, we deliver projects that meet their challenging goals.

Yvonne Vorkötter

Senior Consultant, Stuttgart

I studied architecture and industrial engineering. As a consultant, I am responsible for user-oriented requirements planning. My work results in the creation of future-oriented spaces and usage concepts for users. I mainly work for public-sector clients and for companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Nils Walldorf

Senior Project Manager, Frankfurt

I contribute my expertise as an architect to project management. Research facilities are my specialty, and I operate mainly in the area of Education, Science and Research. I head up that sector at the Frankfurt regional office and have been working on the FAIR research project in Darmstadt since 2015. I deliver future-proof research facilities that meet my customers’ specific user requirements and reflect the latest trends in scientific cooperation.

Simone Schmiedl

Senior Team Leader, Berlin

I am a qualified architect and have been at Drees & Sommer for 20 years. I’m passionate about my work as a project manager. My clients are mainly either in the housing sector or property companies, but increasingly also in the Education, Science and Research sector. One of my tasks is to set up and execute projects with my team, to create schools, office buildings, residential quarters and the like that delight their users!

Maximilian Zwetschke

Project manager, Leipzig

“I studied business mathematics. Today I work as a data analyst and digital project manager. This cross-sector role involves ensuring that projects are digitally fit – whether by providing support for reporting or data collection and evaluations for digital projects. Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to execute their projects entirely digitally.”

Janine Zimmermann

Head of Logistics, Senior Team Leader, Leipzig

"As a civil engineer specialized in project management, I lead our logistics sector. I find a network approach particularly helpful for combining the various disciplines, such as building systems engineering, IT and real estate, into a successful overall project. I take a cross-industry approach that allows me to develop future-oriented solutions. This results, for example, in the development of logistics concepts for smart residential areas and inner cities with little private vehicle traffic."

Florian Langlotz

Associate Partner Building Performance – Project Management, Munich

I am a civil engineer. As an industry manager for Automotive International and the region of Bavaria, as well as Key Account Manager for BMW, / In the automotive team, I ensure transparency with regard to costs, schedules and quality levels for my customers. I provide them with holistic consulting, and they can be sure that user requirements will be implemented as cost-efficiently and quickly as possible, yet with a high level of quality and flexibility.

Ralf Molter

Associate Partner Building Performance – Project Management, Frankfurt

As a graduate engineer, master mason, master paver and project manager for life sciences, healthcare and hospitality, I can say with pride: We don’t work nine to five here, but see things from the customer’s perspective. We do whatever it takes to achieve the customer’s goal, as if it were our own money, our own vision and our own success at stake. That creates a bond and trust – and we always find a solution.

Jochen Günther

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

I am a civil engineer. My expertise ranges from project management to consulting services and General Construction Management. Thanks to many years of experience and my excellent Dreso network, the customer gets a product perfectly tailored to their needs thanks to innovative digital and sustainable approaches. I mainly work for the Life Sciences, chemical and public sectors.

Frank Pickel

Associate Partner, Nuremberg

I am a civil engineer. As an Associate Partner and site manager in Nuremberg, it is my job to build up the full range of Drees & Sommer services and competencies at the regional office – to the benefit of customers from all sectors in and around Nuremberg. They can be confident that we will apply all our company know-how to their projects.

Andreas Rost

Associate Partner Building Performance – Project Management, Leipzig

As a civil and industrial engineer, I advise both internally and externally on complex project execution issues in the public, industrial and ICT sectors. In particular, I support the development of competency in the area of digital networks, such as broadband, 5G and Wi-Fi. The result for our customers is goal-oriented, efficient project execution and a powerful data network as the basis for digitization.

Oliver Beck

Associate Partner Building Performance – Project Management, Berlin

As a civil engineer, I have been working in project management at Drees & Sommer for decades. From project startup analysis and 360° analysis to validation in the early phases of a project, I support clients in the public sector, and the healthcare and housing construction sectors from the very start of their projects. They can rely on us constantly introducing new and innovative processes and construction methods, and attaching great importance to sustainable concepts.

Josef Linder

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

I am a civil engineer. My automotive customers benefit from my many years of experience in project management and General Construction Management – both nationally and internationally. I ensure that their projects goals and target parameters are met. And when things get dicey, it is me who pulls the chestnuts out of the fire.

Christian Könings

Associate Partner, Cologne

Although I trained as a civil engineer, I now work a generalist. My job is to take an interdisciplinary approach. I put together complete packages for my key accounts in the life sciences, chemical, and food & beverage industries, providing all the solutions they need. Thanks to top quality services and a great team, customers’ projects are finished on schedule. This allows them to start production on time and achieve their goals.

Maik Herrmann


I am a civil engineer by profession, and I work as a project leader on the tendering and contract award process. I apply my knowledge in the planning phase, undertake design review, and draw up specifications. In this way, I assure the quality of the project at an early stage and create the prerequisites for a structured construction process for customers from all sectors.

Mustafa Kösebay

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

Although a civil engineer by profession, I quickly reshaped my role: I am an engineer who takes people and the constant change in our environment into account. My team and I look after new urban districts and properties. We provide our customers with a clear vision and thus a sound basis for decision-making on the path to cost-efficient, sustainable value creation.

Jessica Rieck

Senior Consultant, Stuttgart

I combine my expertise as a civil engineer with my skill in organizational consulting for infrastructure projects and Lean methods. My clients get clarity about their project goals, transparency about project status, and leaner processes. On day I would like to say to my grandchildren: “Your grandma worked on the wind turbine that generates our electricity.”

Rena Walther

Building Performance Team Leader, Hamburg

I am a civil engineer and a trained draftswoman. My tasks revolve around project management and alternative execution models. I am also responsible for procurement law. I mainly work for the education, science and research sectors. It is particularly important to me that my customers get highly functional, sustainable and practical school building.

Christoph Porth

Consultant, Aachen

I studied civil engineering, specializing in structural engineering. As a digitization and facility management consultant, I work with different sectors. The focus is on offices, logistics and industrial facilities as well as data centers. We look at smart buildings from the perspective of the various players involved – such as installers, users and operators – taking later building operation into consideration from the outset. We deliver a smart building with optimized operation that meets the customer’s various requirements.

Jan Schroer

Senior Consultant, Aachen

I studied civil engineering and now work at Drees & Sommer as a digitization consultant, advising project developers and investors on all aspects of Customized Smart Buildings. I am currently working on a new service with the goal of certifying a building’s level of digitization. We offer customers concepts and strategies that make digitization more tangible and bring added value on a practical level. As consultants, we take a cross-sector approach with a focus on district development and residential construction.

Patricia van Hest-Osseweijer

Building Performance Expert – Project Management, Capelle aan den IJssel

I studied civil engineering and business management. I head up the Education Sector at Drees & Sommer Netherlands. My expertise is in the areas of housing and project management for the education and healthcare sectors. I am familiar with project financing and help my clients – mostly in the public sector – to reach the right decisions. As a consultant, I look beyond the project goals: I listen to ideas put forward by customers and users, and help to put them into practice.

Ricci Münchenbach

Senior Project Team Leader, Stuttgart

"As a state-certified civil engineer and expert in Lean methodology, I bring my construction management and construction logistics expertise to the table. Lean Construction Management increases the efficiency of client projects, for example in industry and in the education and housing sectors. Clients can be sure that work will be carried out economically, on schedule, and to the highest quality standards."

Robert Göötz

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

"I am an economist. I hold the only chair of Real Estate Asset Management in Germany. At Drees & Sommer, my customers include companies of all types that maintain, use and develop property portfolios, or that wish to invest in property. My team and I deliver customized and visionary asset management solutions for them."

Dominik Wehr

Project Team Leader, Cologne

I am a master electrician and business economist. As a project leader, I am responsible for site supervision and construction management with a focus on electrical systems. My customers in Life Sciences, research and education sectors get buildings that fulfill their function.

Claudio Tschätsch

Senior Consultant, Stuttgart

"I studied energy systems and building systems engineering. As a sustainability consultant, I contribute my expertise in the areas of Green Bonds, sustainable finance, energy efficiency, and climate neutrality. Outcomes include ESG Due Diligence reports, sustainability reports and sustainability guidebooks for my clients, who include banks, insurance companies, portfolio holders, property companies and project developers."

Leonardo Estrada

Manager, Berlin

As head of the Energy & Sustainability team, I benefit from my degree in energy and process engineering. Together, we develop practical next-generation energy concepts for our customers in the industry, energy, public and project development sector. We also provide our customers with holistic advice on sustainability, ESG and EU taxonomy. We offer them innovative approaches to master the challenges of achieving climate neutrality.

Jan Breuer


"As an environmental engineer and planner, I apply my skills to the planning of building services equipment. I take project-specific site potential and local environmental influences into account. My clients – who are either private or public investors – get resource-efficient, energy-optimized buildings and urban districts."

Gregor Grassl

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

"I like to call my profession ‘future city planner’. This role involves a range of competencies – from DGNB and ÖGNI sustainability certification through to technical master plans, climate protection concepts and digitization consulting – all delivered jointly by an interdisciplinary team. My customers – project developers, the public sector, and companies from the energy, industry and automotive sectors – get ‘applied innovation’."

Verena Hilgenstock

Senior Building Performance Manager, Hamburg

As an urban planner with a doctorate and a degree in civil engineering, I ensure clarity and safe implementation throughout the overall project. I contribute my skills as a project manager to vision and product development, demand planning, and feasibility studies. I also support users with change and project management. My customers are primarily from the education, science and research, aviation, and automotive sectors. We refine the vision and determine the needs for the upcoming change to provide customers with clarity on the overall project program.

Verena Knieps


"I am an industrial engineer specialized in civil engineering. As a project manager, I contribute my expertise to infrastructure projects. I also work on various rail projects as a BIM consultant. I meet the needs of my customers – most of who are currently in the fields of energy and rail infrastructure – and assure the quality of the BIM models."

Heike Titze

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

As an industrial engineer specializing in construction and real estate, my competency is in project management. I currently contribute this expertise in areas including the modularization and planning of buildings. I generally work for all industries, but with a focus on retail, property companies, hospitality and housing.

Markus Sauer

Associate Partner, Real Estate Consulting, Frankfurt

As an industrial engineer specializing in construction, I have been developing our Real Estate Consulting service since 2006 with the aim of establishing Drees & Sommer as the premier address for integrated consulting. I bring together industry, process and real estate know-how for my clients, who are property and logistics companies, or from the public sector, thus putting them on the right course for the future.

Bernd Fisel

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

As a industrial engineer in facility management, my ability to combine technical and cost-efficient solutions benefits my real estate customers from all industries. I ensure that the operation of their real estate holdings is legally compliant and economically optimized.

Jörg-Matthias Böttiger

Associate Partner, Hamburg

I am a civil and industrial engineer. As such, I can best combine the customer’s value creation goals with the building design. This means I can deliver holistic factory planning for my customers, who Come from a variety of sectors including automotive, heavy industry, production and logistics, as well as food & beverages, chemical, and aviation & aerospace sectors.

Christoph Bannert

Building Performance Team Leader, Leipzig

I studied industrial engineering majoring in construction. As a team leader and sector head for education, science and research, as well as for the public sector in Central Germany, my role is highly varied. For example, I am responsible for managing a major project in Leipzig. I also supervise public procurement ordinance procedures and ensure their quality, and work together with Real Estate Consulting in the acquisition of sustainability consulting.

Henrik  Töpelt

Senior Team Leader, Stuttgart

As a student of industrial engineering, I majored in energy-related topics. As ‘Head of Energy’, I manage and coordinate our services for the energy sector. Our customers benefit from innovative approaches, often supported by digital tools. In the case of large-scale projects, we provide security by controlling implementation risks.

Marvin Meyer

Senior Consultant, Aachen

After studying industrial engineering, I started as a senior consultant for smart buildings at Drees & Sommer. I work here as a consultant for Customized Smart Buildings and on the strategic development of this expertise. Customers are predominantly in the Information and Communication Technology sector. Thanks to the digital transformation, we are creating added value for our customers by improving processes, increasing amenity and generating new business models for a wide range of real estate stakeholders.

Marina Kellerbauer

Design Leader, Munich

"As an interior designer, I support our international customers with the design, planning and realization of their projects by applying my user experience skills. This creates sophisticated spaces tailored to customers and users – for example in the hospitality and workplace design sectors."

Antje Rost


"As a corporate lawyer, I head up the legal department. We help our colleagues deal with all the different legal issues that daily business at Drees & Sommer entails. We provide our ‘internal’ clients with advice and draw up contracts that safeguard the company in the best possible way – while taking economic considerations into account."

Heidi Reinhardt

Expert, Stuttgart

"I am a graduate engineer. I apply my passion for numbers as an expert in project controlling, where I work for our customers across all sectors. Together with my colleagues, I ensure contract-compliant billing, verifiable project costs and steadily increasing cost certainty for projects."

Guido Darnieder

Associate Partner, Stuttgart

"As a mechanical engineer specializing in manufacturing technology, I contribute my planning know-how to production planning throughout the value chain – from the product and the production process though to plant and equipment. I deliver integrated networked digital factory planning solutions for my customers from the production and logistics industries."

Stephan Paal

Consultant, Hamburg

“As a specialist nurse for intensive care and anesthetics and a graduate nursing manager, I advise our customers on the interface between hospital and architecture. In the Healthcare team, which specializes in operational organization and process consulting, we speak the same language as hospital staff during projects. We translate clinical requirements and processes into spatial layout and building requirements. The highly complex clinical departments such as intensive care, accident & emergency, and surgery are particularly close to my heart.”

Marc Habermann

Leading Consultant, Munich

I gained my early experience in the healthcare sector in the emergency medical service and as a trained nurse in the 1990s. I then supplemented my practical knowledge with a degree in business administration specializing in hospital management. Whether clinical processes or commercial questions are involved, I advise our customers on a broad range of hospital planning issues, an area I have been involved in since 2001. Before joining Drees & Sommer, I worked on the client/hospital side.

Linda Kugel


I am a trained office administrator and work across sectors as a project assistant and expert in project accounting. By training new colleagues, promoting the constant exchange of knowledge and developing and applying templates, I ensure consistently high quality. One of the benefits for our customers is that costs are always up-to-date and verifiable.

Susanne Bohra

Senior Consultant, Munich

"I am a graduate psychologist and, as a change manager, am involved in the realization of new work environments. The connection between people, change and psychology is important to me. Employees who like their new work environment and enjoy working in it – that is the tangible result of my work."

Christoph Meyer

Associate Partner, Frankfurt

"My profession: Civil engineer, property management consultant and certified negotiator. My services are called upon to handle construction disputes, negotiations, or issues such as performance guarantees and ensuring claims. Customers from all industries benefit from my expertise: I quickly resolve conflicts in the construction and real estate environment and get the participants in difficult projects to work together to achieve the project goals."

Andre Boers

Associate Partner, Hamburg

"I am a qualified supply engineer. However, as a consultant for building services equipment and a moderator for technical planning and implementation processes, I can also operate as an all-rounder. I ask the important questions, listen carefully – and always have an idea with added value up my sleeve! My clients are primarily property companies, or from ICT, healthcare and the public sector. I deliver cost-efficient, digital and future-proof ‘buildings as ordered’!"

Mario Löhrer

Senior Consultant, Aachen

I am a mechanical engineer and teach both mechanical engineering and textile & clothing technology. I work as a consultant at Drees & Sommer. I contribute my experience as a university lecturer and teacher to our projects by providing educational advice and conducting user requirements analyses. I work for the Education, Science and Research sector. My work for our clients delivers buildings for future-oriented education based on collaboratively developed concepts.

Marie-Charlotte Spitzkopf

Project Leader, Hamburg

“As a technical building manager, I use my knowledge of building renovation to make buildings sustainably fit for the future. With my project management competence, I transform shopping centers into schools and churches into kindergartens. In this way, I contribute to extending and optimizing the lifecycle of buildings.” 

  • Architect
  • Business mathematician
  • Civil Engineer
  • Civil Technician
  • Economist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Engineer for Building and Energy Systems
  • Engineer for energy and process engineering
  • Environmental engineer
  • Future City Planner
  • Industrial engineer
  • Interior designer
  • Legal
  • Manager for construction, real estate and infrastructure
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Office Administrator
  • Psychologist
  • Real Estate Economist
  • Supply Engineer
  • Teacher
  • Technical building manager