Drees & Sommer is supporting one of Europe’s largest district developments in Munich-Freiham

© Isaria Projektentwicklungs GmbH
A small town is being built in the west of Munich: In addition to apartments, the development includes offices and commercial space.

There really is a chance of finding a rental apartment in Munich! Currently under construction, a huge development in the new district of Freiham in Munich’s west will feature 11,000 apartments for over 25,000 residents. Previously undeveloped, the area takes its name from the nearby Freiham Estate, a popular excursion spot where people enjoy Bavarian Gemütlichkeit: relaxing together and having a good time – or as the Bavarians call it, ‘zam sein’. ZAM is also the name of the new center in North Freiham that Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH is building for the Deutsche Wohnen Group on two of the four construction sites of the mixed-use district. Drees & Sommer SE, a consulting firm specializing in construction and real estate, is supporting the Munich-based company with the project.

Isaria, a subsidiary of QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG, has specialized in the development of sustainable buildings and urban districts for over 20 years. “We want to create a vibrant environment for residents and visitors. The contemporary mix of apartments, office and commercial space, and food & beverage outlets will make ZAM the new residential attraction and hub in the west of Munich,” says Isaria Managing Director David Christmann.

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