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Digital signal box industrial and harbor railways Mainz, series 02

Added value

  • Project management support
  • Support during the tendering and awarding process of planning services

Individual services

  • Project management
  • Project steering services for the service phases 1 and 2
  • Organizational and process-related consulting



DB Netz AG central regional area, Germany


control center Mainz central station

Affected signal boxes

Budenheim, Mainz central station, Mainz-Weisenau freight station, Mainz-Gustavsburg, Mainz-Bischofsheim, Nauheim, and signal boxes Rf, Rm and Rw in Rüsselsheim

Project term

Project start: November 2019; Start of operations: December 2027

Total value

EUR 341,963 thousand

The digital signal box (Digitales Stellwerk, DSTW) consists of a control center and several track field concentrators. The control center is sub-divided into a technical location and an operational location.

The existing outdated signal box variance and technology is to be replaced in the course of the project by a new and uniform digital signal box technology system. Uniform technical signal box equipment reduces the technological variety, and this in turn reduces the amount of maintenance work involved.

The new technology will lay the foundation for centralized operational management with a control center in Mainz.

In addition, the modernization of the signaling and safety system technology is a requirement for the installation of the European rail safety system European Train Control System (ETCS).