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Electronic signal box Giessen, Germany, second building phase

Added value

  • Project management support
  • Support during the tendering and awarding process of planning services

Individual services

  • Project management
  • Project steering services for the service phases 3 and 4
  • Building information modeling (BIM) consulting
  • Building information modeling (BIM) management
  • Organizational and process-related consulting




DB Netz AG, central regional area, Germany

Location of the new buildings

control center at Giessen main station, remote electronic signal box in Grossen-Linden, remote electronic signal box in Dutenhofen

Project term

project start: December 2019; start of operations: July 2026

Total value

EUR 80,891 thousand

The project for the electronic signal box in the German city of Giessen, second building phase, comprises the extension of the existing electronic signal box substation in Giessen and the extension of the existing electronic signal box substation in Bad Vilbel, Germany. In the Giessen railway node, there are currently various technical signal box systems in use, and because of their age and their construction type they must urgently be replaced by a technically uniform and electronic signal box system. The dependent outdated signal box systems in the stations of Giessen-Bergwald, Giessen goods station, Dutenhofen, Grossen-Linden, Langöns and Butzbach must be replaced by new electronic signal box technology which is more flexible for operational handling of the system.

All of these operational sites except for Butzbach station are to be connected to the existing electronic signal box substation in Giessen. Butzbach station is to be connected to the remote electronic signal box for the Butzbach route (electronic signal box substation Bad Vilbel). In addition to the complete replacement of the safety signal technology in these areas, three railway crossing signal systems will be replaced, and the necessary adjustments to achieve compatibility with the telecommunication systems will be carried out. Two new remote modular electronic signal box buildings and the new control center in Giessen will be built.

The project is scheduled to go into operation in 2026.