Industrial & Production Plant

ORION, Tarragona, Spain


  • The project success guaranteed the consolidation of R&D department in Tarragona at a global level.
  • D&S brings the legal knowledge of the construction phase according to the local regulation.
  • D&S provided a management service that would not be covered locally by DOW.

Individual Services

  • Project Management
  • Tendering process
  • Cost and Time management
  • Commissioning management
  • H&S supervision

DOW (Corporate Facilities department)

Project duration

2018 – 2020

Floor Space

2,900 m2 (New buildings 1,000 sqm (WH)+ 400 sqm (laydown) + 900 sqm (Q building)+600 sqm (LAB))


Teckno-Bau Ibérica & Technip

The ORION project in Tarragona site included the following subprojects:

  • Altering existing facilities in two buildings (P & Q Buildings) to relocate R&D equipment from other DOW sites in Europe. The alterations in building Q included an increase of 900 sqm area.
  • Building a new warehouse of 1,000 sqm with a laydown area of 400 sqm.
  • Purchase and installation of new R&D-equipment (Ethylene Copolymers for Packaging (ECP)) which power consumption required an upgrade of the electrical substation.