Carbon-neutral public transport drive systems

Carbon-neutral public transport drive systems

Strict environmental and climate protection targets apply in the mobility sector. Operators must adapt their systems to meet the legal requirements, for which they have access to an ever-increasing range of options: More sophisticated alternative drive technologies are now available on the market. This is true for both local and long-distance rail and road transport. But many rail lines are still not electrified. Trains with diesel locomotives operate on these routes, and along with diesel buses, they are major drivers of carbon emissions. Operators will likely be required to replace all diesel engines with hydrogen technology or electric drive systems.

Climate-neutral drive systems are the future of public transport: Operators need to prepare the infrastructure

There is a wide range of tasks. Operators must: 

  • Draw up master plans that effectively network industries 
  • Plan and construct facilities for the infrastructure (these include hydrogen filling stations and charging points) 
  • Lay pipe systems 
  • Develop economically sustainable concepts 
  • Create special concepts for green hydrogen or electricity supply 

Such challenges are complex and multi-layered. Solving them will require specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of infrastructure management.


  • We can show you ways to achieve your project goal. 
  • We have extensive expertise, particularly in relation to hydrogen and charging infrastructure. We have experience in setting up, planning and managing projects of all kinds. 
  • We are a reliable and competent partner. 
  • We focus on developing a sustainable concept for planning and building the appropriate infrastructure for the new technology. We examine your project in detail and consider how you can network industries at your future location.


  • We take a holistic approach – we call it Integrated Consulting: We create networks along the entire value chain. We conduct studies on technical and economic feasibility. We provide proof of sustainability. And we assist our customers with subsidy applications. 
  • We rely on tried and trusted methods and instruments for stakeholder analysis, digital project management, partnership models, and agile lean management. 
  • The market is both complex and dynamic. We can offer you a solution with both engineering and client representation, and a customized technology concept. You will receive a competent second opinion from us. Or we can support your project team with complex tasks. In every instance, we can help you ensure quality throughout all phases of a project: From the invitation to tender and assessment, through to contract award and acceptance. 
  • We understand infrastructure consulting as assisting you with all infrastructure aspects and drawing up a master plan with you. Our goal is to ensure reliable energy and hydrogen supply, even beyond the system limits of your project. This includes developing concepts for the operators and performing an economic and environmental analysis of the lifecycle.


  • Your project enjoys the support of an experienced and technology-oriented company from the consulting industry. This brings on board all the expertise required for planning, realization and operation of your projects. 
  • With in-depth knowledge from a range of sectors, we help you think outside the box. We are fully familiar with the energy and industry sectors. 
  • We take a holistic approach to your projects and examine the entire value chain in collaboration with you, your partners and suppliers. 

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