Optimization of plant and real estate

Optimization of plant and real estate

Operators have to modernize structures and plant in order to safeguard operations and improve quality. They need to improve the perception of train stations, as many customers do not feel at home in them. There are no shops selling everyday items and many existing facilities no longer meet today’s standards. New vehicle concepts only partially fit the existing infrastructure and workshops.  

Optimized stock secures availability and reduces costs

Operators face a wide variety of challenges. They have to 

  • Refurbish and upgrade train stations 
  • Renovate real estate and improve fire prevention 
  • Enhance the quality and availability of facilities  
  • Optimize the cost of operation 
  • Develop innovative concepts for operation 

Taken together, these challenges require specialized expertise in relation to technology and real estate. You can only tackle tasks of this kind if you have in-depth experience of project management.


We advise you and create solutions that match your requirements. We have many years of experience in 

  • Setting up 
  • Planning and  
  • Managing 


Our well-grounded expertise makes us a reliable and competent partner. We focus on a holistic analysis of your plant and real estate. We possess detailed knowledge of the challenges you face as the operator of transport infrastructure or as a transport company. We offer solutions that help you achieve your targets.


  • If required, we analyze your company, real estate, plant, service and cost structures as well as your processes. 
  • Working with you, we develop the best possible technical and economic concept. 
  • We rely on tried and tested concepts from other industries to enhance transport real estate. We transfer successful approaches from the operation of airports, shopping centers and industrial production. 
  • With a strong customer focus, we employ proven methods and instruments for stakeholder analysis. 
  • We use digital project management, partnership models, and agile lean management methods. 
  • We also offer standard planning and engineering services for building construction projects. 
  • We can assume responsibility for all technical planning, or simply advise you, as the principal, on technical issues. 
  • We take an integrated approach to planning a factory. Combining our methodology and your requests, we analyze, assess and optimize production and logistics processes. We inspect your equipment and the structural installations. 
  • We design a new work environment for your office premises to match your preferences. In the process, we taken your company’s specific requirements into account, whether these be cultural or workplace-related specifications.


  • You have the support of an experienced and technology-oriented consulting company.  
  • You benefit from our wide broad experience in different sectors, such as in the construction and operation of airports and shopping centers. 
  • We help you think outside the box, since we advise companies engaged in industrial production.  
  • Optimizing facilities and real estate is our core business. We provide comprehensive consulting services to global corporations in various industries. As your partner, we will actively support you with the realization your projects.

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