Sustainable Refurbishment

Sustainable Refurbishment

Portfolio owners, developers and investors need to take action to meet climate protection goals and increasing user requirements. And this does not just apply to new construction projects. On the contrary, action is especially urgent in the case of established properties. All buildings should undergo regular energy-efficiency or technical refurbishment simply to maintain the value of the property and meet current regulatory requirements. At the same time, refurbishment offers portfolio holders and investors a great opportunity ensure that their residential buildings are user-oriented and aligned with future needs in terms digitization and sustainability.


Ambitios goals require direct action

Under the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement, Germany committed to making Germany’s building stock largely climate-neutral by 2050. This means we have to tackle the ugprading of millions of established properties nationwide that have a poor energy rating.

At the same time, it is important to densify building stock in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the housing construction program – while at the same time taking into account the challenges that developers and investors will face on the user side. It is essential to bear in mind – both for established and new buildings – that lifestyles and user behavior are undergoing massive change, and that this has an impact on future requirements for buildings.

We are at your side - from data analysis to restructuring conceptes

As a first step, our experts at Drees & Sommer carry out exclusive data analyses for you to create a customized dynamic digital portfolio dashboard. We are also your first point of contact for investment-led sustainability strategies that factor in ESG criteria.

To this end, we carry out technical and economic analyses of existing buildings and districts. We are professionals in the creation of comprehensive renovation concepts and their implementation, including tenant management. So, with us, you’re in very safe hands.

The benefits for you

The benefits for you include:

  • Enhanced portfolio transparency and management
  • Current and future value contributions that are rendered both measurable and comparable
  • A clear ecological orientation compliant with ESG criteria
  • Comprehensive upgrade implementation, while taking all trends and innovations into account

What needs to be done in the short, medium and long term?

This is exactly what our experts work on. Get in touch with your contact person today for more information.


Simon Dietzfelbinger Head of Residential Properties