See the big picture and keep control: Interim Center Management provides shopping center operators with a coordination function. It is familiar with the challenges of development and refurbishment projects and manages all the measures required during the transition phase. We also offer a variant of this product for entire urban quarters.

Are you getting the best out of your center?

  • Do you have the ideal mix of retail sectors in your center?
  • Are all shopfitting concepts state-of-the-art?
  • Are remodeling projects completed in the shortest possible time?
  • To what extent do remodeling projects impact the operation of your businesses?
  • Are you taking cost risks into account?
  • To what extent have you already digitized center management?

    Are you already addressing the following topics:

    • Digitization
    • Tenant management
    • Project management
    • Revitalization
    • Avoidance of vacancies
    • Wayfinding systems

    Transitioning to the future

    Put your center management into our hands for the transition phase. We tackle all the necessary tasks identified during the analysis of the current situation. These include managing current and upcoming remodeling projects, tenant management, and developing concepts for handling vacancies. To ensure that you can successfully take on these tasks yourself at a later date, we provide professional training in center management. You can look forward to our valuable input gained from years of experience with retail real estate projects. .    

    The benefits for you

    • You get future-oriented concepts for branches, handling vacancies, and revitalization.
    • You know the potential of your center, and can exploit this to the full.
    • Your tenant management is efficient and professional.
    • The guidance system in your center impresses tenants and customers alike.
    • You enhance customer experience for your center through targeted events.

    More solutions for the retail sector

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    York Friedrich Stahlknecht Head of Retail