success is built
on many

success is built
on many

Passionate about project management, consulting and real estate.

We provide technical expertise, solve problems, offer general advice and assistance, oversee our construction sites, act as the project manager, generate ideas … All in line with the clients’ specifc needs. We employ some 2,400 people at 41 locations worldwide, who are assigned one of three core tasks: project management, engineering or consulting. They collaborate and communicate in teams, across disciplines and geographical boundaries – to deliver complete answers to our clients’ imperatives. What role would you most like to play?


cups of coffee does the average employee consume every day.


new headlines on average are posted on our internal news system each day.


employees name cooking as one of their hobbies.


offices attended our worldwide staff meeting - the Office Seminar – in 2016.

What sets us apart


Partnership is integral part of the Drees & Sommer Group corporate structure and is reflected in the relationship between senior managers and employees regardless of age or experience, and the way we operate in the marketplace.

As Managing Partners, the Partners run the Drees & Sommer Group. Our Project Managers tackle the nuts and bolts of business, working in teams to realize projects. Employees who take responsibility for an entire project become Project Partners. And those who develop expertise in a specialized field become Senior Project Partners. If they assume additional responsibilities, they can become Associate Partners. This means that every employee has the opportunity to advance within the partnership – through personal ability, commitment and appropriate experience.

Our Philosophy

Many companies have a corporate philosophy. But often they are just a series of sentences that sound good but say little. In contrast, our corporate philosophy comprises eight short statements.

VALUE GUARANTEED shows what we achieve. The following statements express how we achieve this:

SUCCESS WITH INTEGRITY: Upholding the highest ethical standards.

GOOD IDEAS – NO LIMITS: Giving our employees adequate freedom and flexibility.

LEADING THE WAY: Assuming a leadership role in the marketplace.

INDEPENDENT TOGETHER: Retaining our partnership-based company structure.

PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE: Taking pride in achieving success with our clients.

GLOBALLY LOCAL shows where we provide our services.

INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE shows how we look ahead to tomorrow.

There are two dimensions to each statement: What it means for our employees and what it means for our clients. Find out more about our statements here.

Spirit for success

Drees & Sommer has a passionate commitment to ensuring the success of customer projects. We take a great deal of responsibility, show huge commitment, and all pull together.

Teams from different departments, offices and countries with different cultural backgrounds, languages, and age structures work together. Each individual’s personality and strengths are welcomed. But it is equally important that employees work constructively with one another to ensure overall success. Only in this way do small teams become regional, national and international networks – culminating in the global Drees & Sommer network.

We love our work, and enjoy both our clients’ success and our own – which is why Drees & Sommer employees are mutually supportive. Experienced team members pass on their knowledge – both in our in-house Academy and in everyday work situations. A positive working environment, fairness and openness – as well as celebrating joint successes and participating in sports together in our leisure time – are all part of the Drees & Sommer approach. That’s the way we tick. We call it the Spirit for Success.