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Mercedes-Benz Consolidation Center


Mercedes-Benz Consolidation Center. That’s the name of the new Daimler AG logistics center opened in Speyer on July 16, 2015. The building complex, which is over one kilometer long, was erected on a 25-hectare site. Drees & Sommer ensured the completion of the project on schedule and within budget for automotive Group.

The automobile manufacturer invested some €90 million in its new logistics center, thus achieving another milestone in the expansion of its global logistics organization. In future, consignments of production materials from European suppliers will be assembled in the Consolidation Center and shipped to Mercedes-Benz factories in China, the US and South Africa. In this way, the logistics center eliminates additional transportation and reduces costs. The delivery of the production materials by river barge and train is also intended to reduce carbon emissions by more than 25 percent.

The new Consolidation Center has a gross floor area of over 103,000 square meters and was completed after a seven-month planning and contract award phase and a construction phase of approximately eleven months. Daimler AG commissioned Drees & Sommer with project management to ensure adherence to this schedule. The experts achieved the opening date while maintaining the quality of construction and ensuring that the project remained within budget. Together with the Düsseldorf-based architectural firm phase5 and the Bayreuth-based general contractor W. Markgraf, the experts made a significant contribution to the successful completion of the Project.