2016 State Horticultural Show opened in Eutin

The grounds of the State Horticultural Show stretches from the Seeuferpark over the palace garden to the lake park.

The 2016 State Horticultural Show opened its gates on the grounds of the Hosteinische Schweiz (Holstein Switzerland) Nature Park in Eutin on April 28, 2016. Up to 600,000 visitors will view the sea of flower beds, theme gardens, and architectural highlights over the next five months. The operator – Landesgartenschau Eutin gGmbH – invested some two years in the realization of the project. Drees & Sommer experts provided project management services for urban development measures and the horticultural show’s exhibition facilities.

The State Horticultural Show – which has the slogan ‘Become one with nature’ – is being held in Eutin until October 2016. Horticultural and architectural highlights await visitors across an area of 27 hectares (approximately 38 football fields). There will also be more than 1,500 events for young and old. The garden festival will not only attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to Eutin, but also enhance the cityscape for future generations.

In the lead-up to the LGS, the city of Eutin has undertaken a range of measures – from urban renewal to the development of previously unused fringe areas. Sites around the Great Eutin Lake and the historic city have been upgraded. As part of this project, the old municipal maintenance yard and the previously little-used city bay were restored and upgraded. The lakeside Seeuferpark was also opened up with direct access to the lake. Supported by subsidies from the state and federal governments, the city of Eutin invested more than € 7 million in the project.

Drees & Sommer supported Landesgartenschau Eutin gGmbH with the project from February 2014. Over the two years of planning and execution, the experts kept tabs on costs, schedule and quality, ensuring that the State Garden Festival opened on schedule.