Business cooperation with bulwiengesa

Above all, the cooperation will allow consulting services on costs and revenues to be offered in greater depth and with increased innovation and improved reliability.

For decades, Drees & Sommer and bulwiengesa have continuously expanded their market leadership on the basis of their independent ownership and innovative strength. And with increasing frequency, the companies find themselves in the same customer and project environment. For this reason, the two companies have now agreed on a strategic cooperation.

As an innovation leader, Drees & Sommer has been one of the key market players in the fields of Consulting, Planning, Construction and Operation for over 45 years. And for its part, bulwiengesa has stood for strategic consulting based on structured data for over 40 years. The cooperation now enables a completely new form of consultation.

Above all, the cooperation will result in consulting on costs and revenues being in greater depth and with increased innovation and reliability. All relevant aspects of a real estate project will be completely covered.

Construction and real estate expertise will be specifically coordinated with in-depthmarket analysis (such as earnings data, rents and purchase prices, market values and returns) to ensure increased efficiency and time savings in the purchase and implementation of projects. Also, the pooling of expertise on property costs and market data offers a unique basis for the assessment of projects and investments. 

And while preserving the expertise, independence and objectivity of the individual companies, the cooperation allows them to immediately bundle their services to ensure their customers’ success.