Drees & Sommer conducts feasibility study for the Palace of the Prince Electors in Mainz

The Electoral Palace Mainz is one of the last buildings of the German Renaissance.

The Palace of the Prince Electors in Mainz, which is more than 250 years old, is to be refurbished and repurposed following the relocation of the Romano-Germanic Central Museum (RGZM), which is currently in the Rhine wing. The City of Mainz commissioned Drees & Sommer with a feasibility study to examine the necessary remedial measures and the future development of the palace. The experts presented their findings in mid November.

The Drees & Sommer experts analyzed the possible future uses of the palace.The feasibility study recommends that from 2018/2019 vacated Rhine wing be converted into a seminar center with five large halls and seven meeting rooms. The development of a hotel in the vicinity of the Electoral Palace is being considered to offer accommodation for conference and event participants. The experts developed two scenarios taking urban-planning and heritage-protection requirements into account. The first proposal looks at the feasibility of building a hotel directly connected to the palace, thus forming a functional unit. The second proposal is for a hotel in close proximity to the palace, but not directly connected to it.

Based on the feasibility study, the City of Mainz is currently examining a finance concept for the rehabilitation and development of the Electoral Palace. No decision has yet been made regarding the hotel development. Parts of the feasibility study can be downloaded from the City of Mainz Internet site.