Drees & Sommer Snap Survey 2016: Digitization will define the future of urban living

Digitization is the most powerful influence.

At Drees & Sommer’s Expo Vision event in November, more than 70 experts from the real estate and construction sectors and other industries discussed what the cities of the future would look like. The central topic was ‘Blue City – Cities of the Future’. The market experts also expressed their views in a snap Survey.

Digitization and mobility, in particular, will define the future of urban living. This is a key finding of the annual survey carried out by Drees & Sommer for the real estate industry. According to more than half of the experts, German cities need to position themselves better in areas such as demographic change, climate change, and digitization. When it comes to mobility, more than two thirds see German cities as poorly prepared.

The current assessment is based on input from a broad range of people, including politicians, project developers and urban planners, investors, lawyers and real estate experts, as well as experts from the telecommunications and automotive industries. Respondents answered five questions. Expo Vision, now in its tenth year, is an Expo Real roundup by Drees & Sommer that always takes place in the final quarter and nearly simultaneously at all German Drees & Sommer offices. It focuses in particular on how industry trends will affect the respective local markets.