Profitable application of digital technologies: Center Smart Services consortium founded

The use of digital technologies is a key success factor for the long-term viability of a company. But there is often a lack of knowledge of how digitization must be applied to bring economic benefit. Drees & Sommer, the Cluster Smart Logistik from the RWTH Aachen Campus, and FIR e.V. want to change this. “To this end, we brought business and research together and founded the Center Smart Services project consortium in January 2016,” says Klaus Dederichs, Associate Partner at Drees & Sommer. It is hoped that a further ten to 15 companies from a range of disciplines can be won over for the research project over the next 12 months.

The aim of the consortium project is to make the benefits of digital technologies generally assessable. The project will also explore different technologies – such as advanced data analysis, cloud computing and social communities – and the way in which they are integrated into companies. The aim is to give decision-makers a field-tested overview of areas in which they can profitably apply digitization. Initially, experience and insights will be collected in workshops and interviews with experts. The consortium will analyze and process the results as part of a study. From this, the partners will generate new substantiated knowledge for the participating companies, for example analysis and description of the benefits of individual digital technologies. This will be used to develop a generally applicable map of the benefits of digital technologies that reflects the influence on different levels of a company.