Next Approach: Start-up support for complex Life Sciences projects

The complementary approach to consulting: NEXT APPROACH

The early phase of projects in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industries is critical to success. Products must be launched swiftly to secure a competitive edge. At the same time, regulatory authorities impose stringent requirements for buildings and production plant & equipment. To ensure all requirements on the construction project are properly considered in the preliminary phases, Drees & Sommer has teamed with Carpus+Partner to offer the complementary NEXT APPROACH service.

The consulting firms support Life Sciences projects by developing suitable strategy and concepts, and reviewing the outcome for feasibility. The approach is based on methods and tools used in practice, such as Carpus CoLab® and 3C Management®. With NEXT APPROACH, the two companies can now provide a solution to the challenges of the early project phase. They develop various concepts, estimate costs and schedules, and define project tasks. The goal is to find the optimal alternative and enable an informed decision that harmonizes with both the country and the cultural environment.

As a first step, all stakeholders who may be able to contribute ideas – clients and consultants – participate in a speed workshop in which strategic guidelines and innovation aspirations are defined. The focus is on the company’s vision. In the beginning, the consultants regard all execution models as equal in order to realize opportunities and potential, and assess risks. The optimal solution crystallizes during in-depth analysis and coordination. The complementary consulting approach is a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis during which the two companies pool their competencies. Drees & Sommer has been supporting construction projects in the Life Sciences industry for over ten years. Carpus+Partner is a specialist for strategy and concept development, and also has extensive experience as a general planner.