2016 financial results: Drees & Sommer increases consolidated revenues by 11.3 per cent

2016 consolidated revenues rose by 34.1 million euros to 334.8 million euros in comparison to 2015 (300.7 million). Operating income grew by 12.4 per cent to 41.7 million euros (2015: 37.1 million). There was also a year-on-year uptick in headcount – from 2,150 to 2,400 at 41 locations worldwide.

The mainstay of both revenues and earnings at Drees & Sommer remains planning and construction. Moreover, the international project management and consulting player continues to vigorously pursue its strategy of digitisation, modularisation and industrialised construction. Other success factors include building information modelling (BIM) and lean construction management (LCM). These methods are already being applied to good effect under real-world conditions in major projects.

These positive developments were bolstered by corresponding mergers, with a focus on workplace consulting and technical construction management in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Against this backdrop, Drees & Sommer integrated a successful project management and real estate consulting business based in Dubai in January 2016. This was followed by a consultant engineering company specialising in planning and construction management, which became part of Gassmann + Grossmann Baumanagement GmbH (g²) – itself a member of the Drees & Sommer Group – in July of the same year.

Digital business models, such as an asset check service, have also made their debut in
Drees & Sommer’s real estate and process consulting activities, powered by the strategic partnership formed in 2016 with analysts bulwiengesa. In mid-May 2017, a joint venture with Procore, an enterprise operating in the UK and Dutch markets, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Drees & Sommer Group. This new partner for facility management consulting and workplace consulting, and tenant management, will reinforce Drees & Sommer’s leading position in real-estate consulting across Europe.

Buoyant beginning to 2017 and a positive outlook

The conversion of Drees & Sommer from an Aktiengesellschaft (or AG) to a societas Europaea (or SE, also known as a European company) in early May 2017 marked a major milestone in the Group’s history. The move underpins the international structure and goals of the organisation, and complements its dynamic growth strategy. Moreover, the company’s business outlook for 2017 is optimistic, with expectations of further increases in revenues and earnings.