Healthcare: Drees & Sommer at the “Room and Health” Convention

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To ensure that healthcare and social administration buildings do not only have all of the proper functions, but also give patients a positive perception of their environment, architects, interior designers and physicians have to collaborate intensively. To foster the communication between these group, an event that had been jointly organized by the physicians’ chamber and the architects’ chamber and which was also held in Germany for the first time, was hosted in Munich under the title “Room and Health.”

The demands of premises & hygiene, healing architecture and evidence-based-design have long been just a few of many requirements modern healthcare and social administration premises have to meet. Attractive interior design and a pleasant atmosphere in the room are now just as important. The challenges and solutions that have to be tackled when building new or reorganizing existing facilities and healthcare buildings and the structural consequences they lead to, were discussed by the attendees of the interdisciplinary convention “Room and Health.” Around 270 delegates, among them numerous social facility and healthcare institution operators, came to the event in response to an invitation from the Bavarian Architects’ Chamber, which had inaugurated the event in cooperation with the Bavarian State Physicians’ Chamber and the Association of German Interior Designers (BDIA) in Bavaria.  

One of the key note speakers at the convention was Prof. Dr. med. Christian K. Lackner, Drees & Sommer Healthcare, who covered the subject matter “Health and Room.” In his one-hour ad-hoc presentation, he explained the critical issues related to the efficient organization of operations and rooms as well as the conversion and new construction of healthcare and social administration buildings and the structural impact on the operation that has to be anticipated.  

During the podium question and answer session at the end, the participants and media representatives had the opportunity to question the speakers directly and pose questions related to the subject matter covered.