12th Real Estate Circle goes digital

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Real Estate Circle 2018

v.l.n.r. Matthias Schmidt, Klaus Dederichs, Marc Guido Höhne, Sebastian Röder, Peter de Leeuw

Marc Guido Höhne und Matthias Schmidt

Klaus Dederichs on stage

Technologies, concepts and players that change the real estate industry
In his impressive keynote speech, Klaus Dederichs formulated that we are facing a paradigm shift in the construction and real estate industries, because the future of building design is digital. On the basis of the future most intelligent building in Europe, the cube in Berlin, Klaus Dederichs described the function and mode of operation of the self-learning building "brain".
The intelligent networking of data and processes that arise around a building and converge in the "brain" also creates new business models. Klaus Dederichs talked about this with Marc Guido Höhne on stage.
In a thematic discussion, moderated by Gerhard Rodler, Peter de Leeuw (Vienna Airport) and Matthias Schmidt (CA Immo) gave insights into current digitization projects that Drees & Sommer is allowed to accompany.