Deutsches Museum in Munich Undergoes First Ever Comprehensive Refurbishment

For modernization, the JU 52 is being lifted out of the exhibition hall by a crane.



Deutsches Museum (Masterpieces of Science and Technology) in the German city of Munich is pursuing a new approach. True to the guiding principle: A journey to new worlds, the Museum’s Future Initiative, which was established specifically with modernisation in mind, is pursuing the aim of bringing both its exhibitions and its exhibition buildings up to date. Drees & Sommer is providing project management and Lean Construction Management (LCM) support for the refurbishment project. 


Over 50 Exhibitions to be Redesigned

It is estimated that the project will cost EUR 445 million, with particular emphasis on redesigning over 50 exhibitions, modern technical standards and fire safety. The federal government and the State of Bavaria will each contribute EUR 180 million of this total, with a further EUR 40 million coming from the Museum’s own budgetary resources. The Museum has raised a further EUR 45 million in charitable donations. The modernization has been running since 2015. One of the challenges involved in the Deutsches Museum project is refurbishing the listed building while it remains open to the public. This is why the work will be undertaken into two implementation phases. The first part of the Museum will reopen in 2020 with the inauguration of new exhibitions dealing with topics such as atomic physics, bridge construction and hydraulic engineering, chemistry, agriculture and food, music, space travel and robotics. It will then be the turn of the second part of the exhibition to undergo refurbishment. The plan is for the modernization work to be completed right on schedule for the building’s 100th anniversary in 2025. The project will be supported by the Munich-based architecture firm Schmidt-Schicketanz und Partner GmbH.