City of Dresden: Green City Plan Promises Better Quality of Life

Dresden focuses on environmentally friendly mobility: cycling, public transport and electric vehicles are the focus.

The German city of Dresden is developing a masterplan to reduce the level of air pollution – especially particulates and nitrogen oxide – produced by car and truck traffic in and around Dresden, and to encourage environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Various project partners worked with the city between January and July 2018 to develop the Green City Plan, along with practical measures for controlling air pollution in Dresden. ’ The project partners include the city of Dresden and the city’s municipal transport company, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, in addition to external partners such as international project management and consulting company Drees & Sommer, lead project partner VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, and transport planners Verkehrsplanung Köhler und Taubmann GmbH. The plan includes ten main areas for action and 17 individual measures. Digital transformation and electrification play a key role in its implementation. For instance, masterplan provides for the city and the surrounding area to have at least 76 ‘intermodal mobility points’, where road users can quickly switch between different means of travel, such as bicycle, tram, or car sharing – including electric cars. In addition to the city-wide public charging station infrastructure for electric cars, the city also wants to build up a cargo bicycle rental system – including electric bikes. The extension of the bike path network and a kind of bicycle satnav – the journey planner for bikes – are intended to make the switch to environmentally friendly means of transport easier for the city’s inhabitants. Dresden also plans to extend commuter parking lots and replace older diesel buses. As a total investment volume of around EUR 240 million is needed to implement the plan, the city applied for a grant from the German government to fund investments in the urban infrastructure as part of the Immediate Action Program for Clean Air 2017-2020.