ARENA SUMMIT: How Stadiums Can Become Economically Viable

v.l. Arne Sebastian Fritz und Christoph Metzelder

The first ARENA SUMMIT will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on November 20 and 21, 2018. At the two-day convention, Arne Sebastian Fritz of Drees & Sommer and former professional soccer player Christoph Metzelder will be presenting concepts for the cost-effective use of stadiums.

The event is dedicated to the stadium and arena business and is being organized by Stadionwelt magazine, sponsoring marketplace operator ESB Marketing Netzwerk and Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena. In addition to a program of high-quality presentations on management, infrastructure, entertainment and marketing for stadiums and arenas, visitors will be offered multiple opportunities to see for themselves how innovative solutions can be implemented.

Drees & Sommer will also be represented at the event in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. In the forum discussion on November 20 (from 14:30 to 16:00 hours), Arne Sebastian Fritz, Head of Sports and Entertainment at Drees & Sommer, and former professional and national soccer team member Christoph Metzelder will explain how stadiums and arenas can operate nowadays in an economically viable way. In their presentation, entitled ‘Fußball allein ist zu wenig – wie Stadien immobilienwirtschaftlich erfolgreich sein’ (in English: soccer alone is not enough: how stadiums can be successful in the real estate industry), the experts will demonstrate, using examples of specific projects, the opportunities presented by multifunctional use, not only in large stadiums but also amateur clubs.

Further information (in German) can be obtained from the program.