Munich Metropolitan Region Gets Mobile

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At the mobility conference different experts discussed about mobility projects and concepts in the region. (Josef Sturm (Roche Diagnostics Gmbh), Wolfgang Wittmann (EMM e.V.), Hans-Peter Böhner (Bayr. Staatsministerium für Wohnen, Bau und Verkehr), Prof. Dr. Markus Schmidt (Drees & Sommer), Georg Dunkel (Verkehrsplanung Landeshauptstadt München) und Josef Schweinberger (Bürgermeister Stadt Buchlohe)

The winners of the mobility conference on behalf of the projects Ebersberger Pendlerportal, betriebliches Mobilitätskonzept der Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Movelo, Emmy Green City, Lilium

Fast cycle routes, app solutions, flying taxis, car sharing, and park and ride concepts – the mobility concepts and projects in place in the Munich Metropolitan Region are as varied as the individual regions it covers.

To make the region even more attractive and get ready to introduce an integrated, sustainable mobility concept in the future, Europäische Metropolregion München (EMM e.V.), the association behind the Munich Metropolitan Region, commissioned Drees & Sommer and Hendricks & Schwartz to undertake a cross-linkage study that brings together all these ideas and connects the relevant players. At the same time, five outstanding examples of best practice (Emmy Green City, Movelo, Pendler-Portal EBE, Mobility concept of Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Lilium) were presented with the first mobility awards for the Munich Metropolitan Region.

Study Combines Body of Knowledge

Professor Dr. Markus Schmidt, Project Partner at Drees & Sommer, presented the findings of the study, consisting of a project overview and recommendations for action by the Munich Metropolitan Region. As a preliminary step, it offers an ideal basis for developing a long-term mobility concept. The specially created database (in German language),, shows almost 300 projects and concepts in a variety of phases. The database offers an overview of the diverse mobility solutions, a number of contacts, and additional information. Recommended action is also outlined in a summary report. EMM e.V. plans to keep developing the database, updating it regularly and linking up not just projects but, above all, people.

Mobility Experts Gather Almost 300 Projects and Concepts from the Region

International project management and consulting company Drees & Sommer and Hendricks & Schwartz received advice and support from a project team of mobility experts from the region. In a broadly based survey, more than 2,000 contacts were questioned on the analysis of the current situation. They included all administrative districts, municipalities, towns and cities, in addition to many institutions and companies in the Munich Metropolitan Region.