Gold for Green: DGNB Certifies Six of Raiffeisen Capital Management’s Buildings Using New System Version

Together, Otto Heinecke (Raiffeisen Capital Management), Lisa-Marie Laub and Isabelle Fischer (Drees & Sommer) accepted the certificates.

At Expo Real in Munich Raiffeisen Capital Management received a Gold certificate in the latest version of the DGNB system for several of its properties in the category of buildings in use on October 8, 2019. Drees & Sommer oversaw the certification process as a consultant and DGNB auditor and also contributed to the revision of the DGNB system for buildings in use.

Certification With an Eye to Climate Neutrality

With the new version of the DGNB’s certification system for buildings in use, which Drees & Sommer helped to develop, buildings are also given awards for future climate neutrality. The new version is currently in the comment phase. Buildings are assessed using a climate protection approach for future-proof buildings. The system focuses on building operation and user satisfaction in existing buildings. Raiffeisen Capital Management’s six buildings are among the first to be certified on the basis of the new version of the DGNB system for buildings in use. Buildings awarded the Gold certificate include six existing buildings across Germany with different uses, including a logistics center, a hotel, a health center and two retail buildings.

New Standards for a Sustainable Real Estate Portfolio

Before the certification, experts from Drees & Sommer worked with the client to develop standards that will apply across the portfolio in the future. They conducted a gap analysis and appraised the current performance of the buildings. In workshops, the project team and those responsible for the Asset Management and Property Management departments jointly developed cross-portfolio standards. These covered contract amendments, monitoring tools, guidelines and manuals. The new standards at Raiffeisen Capital Management are reflected in, for instance, a monitoring tool that can be used for consistent recording of monthly consumption data and operating costs and for comparison with prior-year and target figures. To establish more sustainable behavior, the tasks and interactions between the stakeholders were analyzed so that responsibilities could be clearly allocated and boundaries defined. Dr. Hubert Vögel, Managing Director at Raffeisen Capital Management, explained: The concept also includes a user manual specific to each building. This gives users recommendations regarding environmentally-friendly behavior, as they can exert a considerable influence on the use of resources in the operation of the building. Next year Raiffeisen Capital Management plans to certify other buildings in its portfolio under the market version of the DGNB system for buildings in use.