Museum in Wittelsbach Palace Awakes from its Slumber


On May 10, 2019, Wittelsbach Palace in the Bavarian town of Friedberg opened the doors of the new museum with an official celebration. The exhibition was closed for several years and now the museum collection, which has a history of 130 years, has been relocated to the south wing. It offers various attractions such as active participation exhibits, interactive media and a museum café. Drees & Sommer has supported the process with project management services.

As early as 2007, the town of Friedberg bought Wittelsbach Palace from the Free State of Bavaria to make it accessible to Friedberg's citizens and interested visitors. The palace was altered and completely renovated. As a result of the refurbishment work, the parts have again been brought together to create a single overall ensemble. Drees & Sommer ensured that the complex project could be implemented within the planned cost and time framework.

Traveling through Time to the 16th Century

The town history section of the Palace Museum especially presents the time when Friedberg was a Bavarian border town up to the beginning of the 19th century. Visitors can experience this development, for example, on an interactive map. The second main focus area in the museum is clocks from Friedberg that are several hundred years old. Another section of the exhibition deals with archeology in Friedberg and shows tusks from prehistoric elephants and ceramic exhibits. The last section shows works by artists from Friedberg. On the newly landscaped palace hill the palace is now not only a visual attraction in the town, it also offers a cultural experience and a fascinating place to visit for local residents and outside visitors. The palace will be open for interested visitors from 12 May onwards.