City of Münster Transforms Army Barracks into New Residential Neighborhood

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The areas of the York- and Oxford Barracks in Münster can accommodate 3,000 homes.

The areas of the York- and Oxford Barracks in Münster can accommodate 3,000 homes.

How do Münster residents want to live in 2030? The response to this question is provided by the new residential city neighborhoods currently being developed as part of the conversion of the British army’s former York and Oxford Barracks.

In the next few years, around 10,000 people will be housed at the two locations in the city of Münster. Experts in lean management and development management at Drees & Sommer are providing support on this project for KonvOY GmbH, a subsidiary of the city of Münster. Approximately 3,000 residential units, childcare facilities and schools will be built on a total of 75 hectares at the two locations in the districts of Gievenbeck and Gremmendorf. In order to deal with the very tough local residential market, in 2018 the city of Münster ran a multiple-stage urban development and open space planning competition to work out the best solutions for the developments and purchased both properties from the German Institute for Federal Real Estate (Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben). In October 2018 the development plans for both properties were approved, and the first implementation measures were started at the beginning of 2019.

Model City Neighborhoods

On the converted areas, the city of Münster will create unique urban neighborhoods, making maximum use of the available space for the most varied purposes. Martin Altmann, Senior Project Partner at Drees & Sommer, described the concept: ‘Overall, the districts will be characterized by interconnected green areas with bicycle routes and footpaths, seamless transitions between private and public uses, and high-quality open spaces and recreational areas. Buildings will have varied uses; they will combine elements of new construction with existing buildings and will have integrated social infrastructures.’ Münster’s development plans for carbon-neutral urban lifestyle and state-of the-art smart neighborhood include local shopping facilities, limited motor traffic, the opportunity for residents to bring in their own ideas and the combination of creative working and living.

Close Cooperation between Experts to Ensure Project’s Success

The company responsible for the development and marketing of the future city neighborhoods is KonvOY GmbH, which has dealt with all areas of planning in close cooperation with the individual departments and the municipal utilities of the city of Münster. Drees & Sommer oversaw the purchase negotiations. The real estate consulting and project management company’s development advisers and lean management experts are also providing support for the implementation of the planned measures, such as organizational, controlling and marketing activities. Using the lean management method, they ensure lean processes and adherence to schedules and budgets.