Drees & Sommer takes a close look at Düsseldorf's real estate portfolio


Drees & Sommer is an international consulting and project management company providing cities and municipalities with strategic real estate consulting along with an overview of the maintenance requirements of public buildings.

The City of Düsseldorf had Drees & Sommer record and evaluate its real estate portfolio by using their expertise and experience in these areas. The portfolio analysis provides a decision-making basis for future-oriented real estate and investment strategies.

Many cities face financial and personnel challenges when it comes to maintaining their buildings. In addition to prioritizing measures, the fundamental question often arises as to whether the use of a building is still economical or whether the space should be used for other purposes.  It is important to do effective  property management, otherwise there are risks of investment bottlenecks.

Düsseldorf has now had part of its property portfolio systematically recorded and evaluated by Drees & Sommer. A total of 19 properties with different types of use were selected for the inventory: From day-care centers and administrative buildings to fire brigades and sports facilities. For each building, Drees & Sommer's experts compiled a profile including a catalogue of measures. The overview of all properties was then followed by an analysis and prioritization of individual measures.

The report offers Düsseldorf a profound assessment of the renovation costs to be expected over the next 25 years. This means that maintenance and sales can be planned for the long term.  The city now has a decision-making basis for its property management, which is the basis for every real estate strategy.