More Residential Space in Berlin: A New Housing District is Arising on Buckow Fields

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There is a shortage of residential apartments in Berlin, but rents are all the higher. A new residential district on the Buckow Fields promises an improvement in the situation. In the borough of Neukölln on the southern fringe of Berlin, the developer STADT UND LAND Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft mbH is planning a residential complex with about 900 new apartments.

In June 2019, Berlin's House of Representatives approved the necessary zoning plan. The international consulting company Drees & Sommer, which is specialized in construction and real estate, has supported this urban development project with project management services since it began in 2018.

Affordable Residential Accommodation for 2,000 People

The 63,800 square meters of land on the Buckow Fields are currently no more than a large agriculturally used field. But in two years' time, construction work will begin for an innovative urban district with residential space for at least 2000 people. The main focus is on affordable residential accommodation for broad sections of the population. Half of the rental space is therefore planned as rent-controlled or occupancy-controlled accommodation or as special-purpose premises, for example for senior citizens. 80 percent of the land will be developed by STADT UND LAND itself. The public residential development company will provide the remaining land to other developers such as trusts, cooperative societies, construction groups and self-use associations in an expression of interest process. Third-party providers will be selected if they will contribute to the shared communal life in the district and make a lasting commitment to serve the public interest. The land areas will be awarded as leasehold rights by STADT UND LAND.

Sustainable and Social: A District with a High Recognition Value

The new district will definitely be designed with a high level of sustainability. This includes energy-efficient buildings, a large landscape park, limited car traffic, a close network of pedestrian and cycle paths, parking spaces for car sharing, bicycles, e-bikes and charging spaces for electric cars. The aim is that different user groups should move into the Buckow Fields so that a lively district with a healthy mixture and a social community can develop. The zoning plan for the Buckow Fields envisages buildings of three to five stories and apartments with one to five rooms (in addition to the kitchen, bathroom and hallway).