Buildings as Material Banks

The objective of the EU research project Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) is to develop recycling-enabled solutions using standardized data sets for product manufacturers and the construction industry that can be used for all data platforms. A recently published book gives fascinating insights into this topic.

According to United Nations estimates, the construction industry accounts for 50 percent of raw material consumption in Europe and 60 percent of waste. The EU research project entitled Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) aims to put a stop to this, so that valuable raw materials are not put to a third-class use or land on the garbage dump. Drees & Sommer and EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer were the only German companies to contribute practical knowledge and experience from their first Cradle to Cradle projects, along with the Technical University of Munich.

The newly published book Creating Buildings With Positive Impacts provides all interested parties with in-depth insights into the topic and makes available the tools to create buildings with a positive ecological footprint.

You can download the e-book version of the book from the following link. The small printed edition was, of course, produced using the Cradle to Cradle-certified printing process.