Future-Proof Solutions for Stadiums

From fan involvement to new ways of monetizing, through startups in the soccer business: current challenges and opportunities were the focus of the Future Of Football Business Conference in Graz, Austria. Drees & Sommer took part in the event as a member of the Sports Destination Alliance.

The international conference for digital transformation and innovation in the soccer business was held on September 12, 2019 in the Austrian city of Graz. Experts from clubs and business met to share experience, present best-practice projects and discuss trends and prospects in the soccer business.

The members of the Sports Destination Alliance, an international network of experts on stadium projects, demonstrated to the conference visitors those success factors that make clubs and modern arenas financially strong and independent. They also showed how a 365-day usage approach can assist attendees in doing so. In this context, Arne Sebastian Fritz, Head of Sports & Entertainment at Drees & Sommer, also spoke about future-proof solutions for stadiums. ‘A successful stadium project requires more than just the design of a modern sports facility. Now more than ever, stadium operators, local authorities and clubs need innovative stadium concepts that enable multi-functional and cost-effective use of the venues,’ said Arne Sebastian Fritz.

A total of over 200 guests and more than 25 international speakers took part in the event. The conference is held annually and is organized by Football Business Inside.

Further information is available at: Future Of Football Business