Green Buildings Continue to be the Trend

Interest in green and sustainable buildings has persisted for several years and is currently seeing a surge.This is underlined by the download figures for the Green Building book by the Drees & Sommer experts Michael Bauer, Peter Mösle and Michael Schwarz. The second edition which was published in 2013 has already reached the milestone of more than 40,000 downloads.

The first edition of the book also still meets with great interest, with a total of more than 32,000 chapter downloads. In 2018 the English version of the book even figured in the top 50 of the most frequently downloaded eBooks of the Springer publishing house in the corresponding book category. These figures not only confirm that the subject of the book is highly topical and still very relevant, they also show that the first edition of the book ten years ago was significantly ahead of its time.

The work by Michael Bauer, Peter Mösle and Michael Schwarz is based on the practical experience of the authors and is regarded as a guideline for planning, building and operating sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. With the projects, solutions and innovative methods which it describes, the book offers a comprehensive reference work not only for building owners, clients, developers, architects, planners and building operators, but also for students at universities and other higher education institutions.

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