From Pure Idea to Market-Ready Solution in Just Two Days

Drees & Sommer, clients, public life – the ongoing coronavirus situation affects all of us. Yet it also presents opportunities: for innovative solutions and digital business models. For this reason the company launched an internal digital ideathon, which was successfully completed last Tuesday.

How can we continue to produce results despite the coronavirus crisis? How do we support our clients in this situation and where is there potential for us, for example through innovative digital business models? And how do we help our clients in the ‘restart’ as soon as the situation eases? Answers to these questions were sought in a digital ideathon. This does not mean a conventional hackathon. Instead, it is about recognizing potential collectively and making solutions available in a team. There are no winners or losers; the only things that matter are practical feasible results.

All Drees & Sommer employees were invited to contribute their ideas, with an overwhelming response: more than 50 ideas were submitted in just a few days. Together, the five most promising were developed further over two days. Coaches from the Drees & Sommer Innovation Center and external mentors supported the teams and helped them to develop key start-up tools such as pitch deck, minimum viable product and proof of concept. The ideas were then livestreamed to the whole company in the final pitch last Tuesday.

Quick solutions are crucial in the current situation. In the first completely digital ideathon, Drees & Sommer achieved this in two respects: the entire format was organized and implemented very quickly, with only one week of planning; and it has produced several practical solutions that can be realized rapidly.

Do you think that your company could also benefit from an event format of this type? Please feel free to contact our Innovation Center.