Focus Money Deutschland Test: Drees & Sommer Again Named Digital Champion

Focus Money Deutschland Test: Drees & Sommer Again Named Digital Champion

Which companies are best placed to meet the challenges of digital transformation and are getting to grips with the upcoming changes? The Digital Champions study by Focus Money identifies these companies and recognizes them with a Deutschland Test seal. As was the case last year, Drees & Sommer is one of the frontrunners. 

Together with the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Focus Money has awarded the Deutschland Test seal Digital Champions – companies with a future. It examined the credentials of around 10,000 of the biggest companies in Germany (by number of staff) in more than 70 sectors and disciplines to come up with its digital champions. The winners stand out for actively accepting the challenges of digital transformation and responding with their own answers and solutions. 

Steffen Szeidl, Executive Board member of Drees & Sommer, commented on new digital methods and business models. He said that there is a simple yet very important maxim for the real estate industry that the leading European consulting, planning and project management company follows: ‘The focus must always be on people and their needs. Digital technologies will only come out on top when they produce a real advantage for investors as well as the building-principal and users of buildings, capturing their expectations of tomorrow in a sustainable and user-friendly way. Digital transformation, sustainability and analog expertise must go hand in hand.’

The assessment was based on the results of a comprehensive questionnaire together with companies' social profiles. Each organization was asked about its impetus for digital transformation, new processes within the company and about internal innovation communication. With more than 4 million participants, the study is the largest on digital transformation in German companies. 

A detailed report on the study and the award winners can be found here.