Career in major projects

Career in major projects

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Completing major projects on schedule, within budget and to the specified quality – when working with the best team and the right tools and methods, that’s not just a fascinating challenge, but is also achievable. And results in a wealth of great experiences and exciting stories.

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The Vienna University of Economics & Business, the FAIR Ion Accelerator, Möckernkiez urban district, and Terminal 3 are just a few examples. We find large, complex projects fascinating. Because we can bring our decades of experience to bear. Because they allow innovative approaches to be used. And because major projects give our colleagues fantastic opportunities to prove themselves and develop.

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LCM Digital in practice

As the head of scheduling for the Terminal 3 project at Frankfurt Airport, Hans Jürgen Löcker has several years of Lean Construction experience under his belt. LCM Digital now offers a web-based platform for the digital management of planning and construction processes. Having helped to develop the tool, he is looking forward to using it in practice – because Terminal 3 is the first major construction site at which the project team will use LCM Digital.


Analog vs digital: Major projects show limitations and opportunities 

“Thanks to Lean Construction, everyone knows when they need to take the next step in the production process – just like on an assembly line. LCM Digital allows better monitoring of processes and makes them more efficient,” says Löcker. Conventionally, contracted companies working on projects using Lean Construction meet regularly in a room to discuss upcoming work and flag finished jobs using cards on a large planning board. “If we used that approach for the Terminal 3 project, we would need 26 rooms,” says Hans Jürgen Löcker, pointing out one obvious benefit of the new tool. LCM Digital takes full advantage of information technology and represents the process digitally.

Regardless whether the system used is analog, digital or a hybrid of the two: Transparency, a common understanding and cooperation are key benefits that convince Hans Jürgen Löcker of the value of Lean Construction. Plus, of course, success: “There is a much greater probability that a project will proceed as planned.



“Thanks to Lean Construction, everyone knows when to take the next step in the production process – like on an assembly line. “LCM Digital allows better monitoring more efficient.”

Hans-Jürgen Löcker, Project Partner


Lean Construction – explainer video:

How much multitasking is involved in multiproject management?

Simultaneously managing various interrelated multi-million euroconstruction projects and keeping track of costs, schedule and quality levels is a demanding task. Drees & Sommer employees Ralf Molter and Anja Hallemeier explain how this is done in practice.

Off to a flying start...

No two major projects are the same. But one thing never changes: You meet a lot of new colleagues. We want the team to quickly feel part of the project so that they can hit the ground running. To achieve this, we have developed various strategies to make it easer for people to join and work with the team.

The team members get to know each other and are given all the key information at an onboarding event. Internal continuing education opportunities at the Drees & Sommer Academy ensure that you can supplement practical experience with formal training. We also work with tandem partners, who provide mutual feedback and support. Personal discussions and feedback tools let us know what works well and where there is room for improvement.



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