Lean at the Building Site – Drees & Sommer Trains Staff

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On February 8, around 150 Drees & Sommer staff members met for LCM user training in Stuttgart. On the class schedule: a mixture of theory, practice and project examples on the subject of Lean Construction Management.

The aim of the event was to raise the skills of the company's teams to such a level that Drees & Sommer will be able to manage projects even more leanly overall, while maintaining the high standards for LCM projects.

The focus of the lean approach is on reducing waste at building sites, increasing efficiency across the entire value chain and delivering improved quality. In addition, enhanced communication helps to identify and minimize risks in good time.

Working in small groups and individual workshops, the participants learned the essentials and some tricks for everyday work on projects. Here you can get an impression of the positive atmosphere and the vigor on that day.