Employees donate Christmas presents for more than 120 children

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From toy figures and books to warm clothing - Christmas wishes came true for some 120 children of the Fasanenhof School in Stuttgart on the last day of school before the holidays. As part of Aktion Wunschbaum (Wishing Tree Campaign), Drees & Sommer employees in Stuttgart donated presents for the primary school children. This year, the Christmas tree in the group's headquarters in Stuttgart-Vaihingen was - for the first time - decorated with the children's cards to Santa.

"The response was overwhelming. It is really nice to bring joy to children in this way," said Peter Meyerhans, initiator of the campaign and head of the Drees & Sommer IT department. The children's cards to Santa - written by children in years 1 to 4 of the Fasanenhof School - were gone within a few days. Drees & Sommer employees 'picked' the cards from the Christmas tree and organized presents for the children. So Santa had lots of help and was able to deliver the presents at a special part y on December 21, three days before Christmas is celebrated in Germany (on Christmas Eve). More than 120 children - accompanied by parents and teachers - collected their presents from the company's Obere Waldpl├Ątze offices in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The kids didn't only ask for toys and books - some wished for warm winter clothing.  This first campaign in cooperation with the Fasanenhof School benefited children who have a City of Stuttgart Bonus Card, which qualifies low-income families for special concessions.