German Real Estate Service Providers Abroad - Dr. Andreas Blaschkowski at CIMMIT 2010

The Annual Real Estate Management Opening Congress of the IIR will take place on January 26 and 27 in the Frankfurt Hilton. Dr. Andreas Blaschkowski (Drees & Sommer AG Executive Board spokesperson) will talk about "International Growth Strategy: How can real estate services be successfully transferred abroad?" Peter Tzeschlock (member of the Drees & Sommer AG Executive Board) will join a panel discussion on Property Management, looking at criteria for successful outsourcing.

Real estate projects are becoming increasingly international. This results not only in fiercer competition between real estate service providers, but also means lucrative opportunities for the German real estate industry. Drees & Sommer has taken full advantage, last year establishing three new international subsidiaries: in Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Minimizing risk
On its path to internationalization, Drees & Sommer has kept risk to an absolute minimum. The initial investment for a new subsidiary, for example, is between EUR 100,000 and EUR 200,000. Dr. Andreas Blaschkowski believes that supporting projects with a big intrinsic risk or large investment is the wrong way to go. The service provider is also building on its independence: "Mergers with foreign companies or headhunting of top people are not elements of our expansion strategy", explains the Executive Board spokesperson. This approach has proven successful: Drees & Sommer founded its first international subsidiary in Austria in 1991 and now maintains offices in 17 countries.

Sound product is the basis for success
The basis for successful expansion is a superb product with a proven track record in Germany and of unrivalled quality in the international market place. For Drees & Sommer this is primarily construction project management. But when selling services abroad, it is not enough to rely simply on quality "Made in Germany": German expertise has to be paired with country-specific knowledge. For this reason, new international subsidiaries have a German and a "local" managing director. Cross-border knowledge transfer takes place continuously both through personal contact and E-learning. In addition to German companies seeking support for their international construction projects and local companies, Drees & Sommer is also experiencing increasing demand for so-called Corporate Identity building, primarily from global players.

Potential in sophisticated markets
This approach has proved successful for Drees & Sommer. The company currently has ten German and 17 international subsidiaries, some in markets regarded as sophisticated. Three of these - Poland, Spain and Switzerland - were opened at the beginning of 2009. Further subsidiaries are planned in Belgium and Scandinavia.

Topic session: Outsourcing of Property Management
Peter Tzeschlock will be examining when outsourcing of property management is worthwhile. He will join a panel of experts discussing the criteria for successful outsourcing. Panelists are Pino Sergio (Chair of the Management Board, WGF AG), Aydin Karaduman (Chair of the Management Board, EPM Assetis GmbH) Dr. Florian Stetter (member of the Management Board, Strabag Property and Facility Services GmbH), Oliver Arnemann (Managing Director, Hochtief Property Management GmbH), Martin Brühl (Managing Partner Germany, Cushman & Wakerfield LLP, Frankfurt Branch) and Peter Hans Forster (Managing Director, IVG Asset Management GmbH).