Drees & Sommer invests in Berlin-based interfaceMA GmbH

InterfaceMA takes care of the individual centralization of information and digitizes processes. This involves using dynamic linking of data sources via interfaces.

International consulting, planning and project management company Drees & Sommer has acquired a 20-percent stake in interfaceMA GmbH, a PropTech firm established in 2013. Its 25 employees specialize in the development of B2B software and services for the real estate industry. The company develops a kind of interface software that can access data from a wide range of sources and individual tools. Data that is not actually inter-related due to its silo data management is brought by the software into a standardized landscape that can then be analyzed.

‘In the medium to long term, the future of the construction and real estate industry will increasingly be determined by new business models that merge and analyze heterogeneous data from different systems and formats in an uncomplicated way, and link them to produce important information. In this respect, interfaceMA has already developed promising solutions. For this reason, we are expanding our existing partnership in the form of an equity interest. We are looking forward to even closer cooperation and new joint innovations,’ said Steffen Szeidl, Management Board member of Drees & Sommer SE.

Harmonizing data silos

InterfaceMA and Drees & Sommer are working together to develop a tool that enables real estate companies to link and evaluate available but incompatible building and user data, as well as communication and process data, in a useful and user-friendly way. Asset, facility and investment fund managers in particular will be able to benefit considerably from this in the future. They will not only maximize the data transparency about their properties, but can also automate their processes more easily. The software architecture from interfaceMA contributes to this as a basis. This includes applications for mobile data capture and processing, process management, data warehousing and browser-based geoinformation systems.

Modular principle ensures flexibility

Using a modular principle, the interfaceMA applications can be adapted individually, easily and quickly to the needs of different clients. They are also compatible with the common mainstream software solutions that already exist. In addition, they also work on a phased basis without an Internet connection. Axel Lüdtke, Managing Director and shareholder of interfaceMA, explains the advantages of the investment: ‘The professional and organizational support from Drees & Sommer's Product Development in particular will enable us to offer our products on a scalable and marketable basis together with a strong partner.

Our clients benefit from the technical, construction-related and real estate expertise from a single source throughout the entire life cycle of properties, and from the strong networking."

Digital due diligence processes already in use

Successful results from the previous collaboration between the two companies have already been achieved. As far as technical due diligence (in short: TDD) is concerned, for example, smartphones or tablets are now replacing paper pads, pens, plans and cameras at Drees & Sommer. Using the Real Estate Booster app, all TDD data can be digitally captured on site and promptly processed at the desktop workstation. The special feature is that content, structure and the automatically generated export documents can be adapted flexibly and easily, for example to different real estate asset classes such as hotels, residential or office properties.