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Mercedes-Benz Headquarters, Rome

In the search for a partner for tenancy management on occupying new office premises in Rome, Mercedes-Benz Italia engaged the services of Drees & Sommer. The automobile manufacturer's decision paid off. Drees & Sommer ensured that Mercedes-Benz Italia was able to move into its new headquarters on schedule and that the office building is of the standard of quality demanded by the Group.

Additional value

  • Targets reached together with the client; investment and energy costs saved; facility management optimized

Project data


Mercedes-Benz Italia, Rome


Rome, Italy


Roberto Bianchi MPPM, Rome

Project duration:

March 2014 - July 2018


apptox. 13.000 m²

Construction costs:

EUR 32 million


approx. 600

Individual services

  • Tenant management 
  • Project monitoring
  • Profitability analysis
  • Quality management
  • Project communication management (PCM system) 
  • Defects management (Contrace system)
  • Relocation management 
  • Facility management consulting

Location map