Sustainable Data Centres

Predictions calculate that Data Centres will emit the equivalent of 200 to 250 megatons of CO2 in the future and could consume up to one-fifth of the world's electricity by 2025. Reliance on Data Centres will only increase – however the sustainability challenge is happening quicker. Meanwhile, Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) is becoming an outdated measurement. Unless there is decisive action, there is a danger Data Centres and their operators will be criticised by Governments and Users alike.

There are tough challenges for all, and some are not aligned:


  • Reduce cost in use
  • Resistant to water cooling
  • Market credibility & reputation


  • Demanding more sustainability from Operators
  • Only interested in the ‘white space’
  • Security concerns


  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance 


  • Increasing pace for sustainable & environmental change
  • Promoting incentives, but also increasing financial penalties
  • Only likely to increase – demands will not reduce

Our vision for a sustainable data centre

Our solution

Sustainable Modular Data Centre

Data Centres are usually built under high time and cost pressure. The reason for this is the operators' tightly timed business processes, for example with regard to the fail safe operation of IT infrastructures or the planned rental of server space. With our modular system, we have managed to combine the best of both worlds - the modular container construction and the conventional construction.

Intelligent and efficient infrastructure

The ecosystem from a single source. Perfect communication and control between the infrastructure systems through the use of all components from one supplier. The ideal integration of all systems into the DCIM solution for the data centre ensures full transparency and control during operation.

Added value

Construction that is 40 percent shorter at the same cost

Prefabrication and standardisation reduce the construction time to commissioning to a few months.

Flexibility and individuality

  • Construction: one to four storeys
  • Size: 10 to 1,000 racks and more
  • Availability: up to Uptime TIER 4, VK 4, TSI Level 4
  • Special requests: offices, meetings, lobby / lounge, storage rooms, etc.

Central infrastructure

The infrastructure of the modules is not built up independently for each module, but is operated centrally. This promotes energy efficiency.

Intelligent and efficient infrastructure

Perfect communication and control due to all systems from one supplier. The ideal integration of all systems into the DCIM solution ensures transparency and control in operation.


The use of production lines promotes ecological construction with a significantly lower CO2 footprint. The modules are produced using green and self-generated electricity, and the modules are even made from environmental concrete.

Scalability and expandability

Scalable and expandable not only for UPS systems and cooling systems. The entire building can be expanded according to the modular principle.

Energy Efficiency: PUE < 1,3

(depending on availability level: 1.1 - 1.3)

The infrastructure is designed for energy efficiency in all aspects. Free cooling, use of waste heat and an intelligent energy management system.

Factory Quality Assurance

The production line and the modular and standardized design ensure consistently high quality. Factory acceptance tests ensure that only the highest quality is approved for the construction site.

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