The residential industry is engaged in the development, construction, restoration, marketing, leasing and management of residential real estate. The acute demand for new residential property means new challenges for the industry. To secure the planned returns, projects must be completed on time, within budget and to the required standard of quality. Construction projects in the residential industry are subject to additional special requirements.  

The role of the public sector extends from the provision of public services to the performing of tasks promoting the welfare of the public.Discrepancies between the available budget, user requirements, the numerous different types of project and political discussion and public opinion are particularly prevalent in the public sector. The public sector owns numerous properties, facilities and infrastructure that often suffer from investment backlogs. Also, restructuring, cessation of operations and closures often result in disused sites and redevelopment projects that offer new opportunities for urban development.

Added to which both social change and climate change pose new challenges. These relate directly to the interplay of various factors involved in urban development – such as issues of mobility, infrastructure, buildings and user behavior.

Drees & Sommer supports the public sector, its administration and operations both by providing professional management services for construction projects as well as consulting services from the initial idea through to realisation and management. In doing so, our professionals employ their engineering expertise, while also taking economic aspects and social change into account and closely involving the relevant agencies, political bodies and the general public in their activities.

We support project developers and portfolio holders with new construction, the repurposing of various types of buildings to residential use and the optimisation of established properties. We provide advice on efficient and energy-saving operation. This also includes the improvement of planning, construction, client management and tenant support processes. 

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