Integrated Technical Portfolio Consulting

Utilise the potential of standardisation in large scale RE portfolios

Successful projects start with the right global RE strategy

If the initial basis and design input is weak, the project implementation will not reach its full potential. Given the complexity of global organisations and the individual challenges of real estate projects, a clear process, practical guidelines, standardised blueprints and a toolbox can boost efficiency and outcome from the start.

Challenges need to be mastered from the beginning: dealing with completely different project types, ranging from a small multi-tenant space in an emerging market to renting a single tenant building in the home market. Assuring that requirements from different corporate stakeholders (e.g., IT, corporate security, insurance, sustainability) are thoroughly considered in each project, even under tight project implemen- tation timelines.

New topics create new requirements and offer potentials if implemented well on a global scale for a portfolio.

Global corporate tenants benefit from a huge potential of standardisation and scalability through the entire portfolio

  • Global technical quality standard across all projects around the globe
  • Corporate strategies and targets (e.g., zero carbon commitments) are integrated and implemented deeply into project levels
  • Insurance requirements are fulfilled in each project
  • Time savings in projects, through clear technical guidance, and answers on common questions
  • Cost savings through pre-qualified solution which avoid excessive overengineering (e.g., IT cooling)
  • Crucial requirements and issues are identified during the TDD with the help of checklists to select the best site, and support the lease negotiations, and avoid surprises during project implementation
  • Clear benchmark for projects teams to conduct design reviews
  • Project guideline documentation provides the tender specification for the design team and contractors
  • “Room Type Book” provides information on important space performance criteria and helps to track and capture requirements during clarifications in the project. After construction it is a summary of space performance for the facility management.

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