Project Management

The early stages of a project are crucial to its later success, and professional project management ensures that everything runs according to plan from start to finish – and beyond.  


Project preparation: The foundation for success

Project preparation essentially determines the future of a project. Mistakes made in this early phase can only be patched up later. This is true whether the issue is user processes or a planning idea, project organisation or the selection of the right people, planning procedures or contract award model: Only the right strategy can lead to a good or excellent project outcome, while a wrong fundamental decision can have disastrous consequences.  

This is why in-depth process, planning and construction consulting is essential at an early stage. It is also helpful if this phase is not subject to time pressure and does not suffer from unresolved core process or business model issues. 


First, our experts analyse the site and prepare a project report. The implementation of the desired program within project objectives – cost, schedule and quality – are then examined as part of a feasibility study. An architectural competition can then follow based on the findings. 

Using an agreed definition of cost, deadline and quality objectives, our consultants develop a project strategy and advise the client on the possible use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its impact on the project organisation.  


By acting as a ‘temporary construction department’, Drees & Sommer supports the  client by taking over tasks that can be delegated for the duration of the project. Our experience and competence protect the client from unpleasant surprises. 

As project controller, we support the client professionally in the key areas of schedule, cost and quality, as well as with organisational tasks. At the same time, client representatives retain their management function. 

As project manager, we manage project participants on behalf of the principal. As a rule, the principal transfers the so-called ‘delegable client functions’ to us. This approach is usually taken for more complex projects or in the case of clients who do not have sufficient management know-how or capacity. 

In the Project Management Office (PMO) approach, we undertake higher-level project management and reporting for overall project execution, working with the client in integrated teams. 

Agile planning processes allow us to manage planning, while keeping a close eye on cost-efficiency and using value engineering to find the best solutions. Our specialists keep the costs and schedule under control through rigorous controlling, while always ensuring that the agreed quality levels are met. 

We identify any defects occurring during execution with specialist software and ensure that site management and contractors rectify them promptly. 

The client is free to focus on their core business as we undertake the majority of project-related tasks on their behalf. Our approach is integrated, comprehensive and solution-oriented, ensuring cost efficiency and adherence to the agreed overall budget and quality within a realistic timeframe. 

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