Technical Due Diligence

Drees & Sommer provides comprehensive specialist-led technical due diligence services. We leverage over 40 years of engineering excellence and expertise in real estate, surveying, design, services and operations to deliver exceptional technical assessments quickly and efficiently.

Our managers draw upon the vast technical and real estate knowledge within Drees & Sommer, to constitute teams with the subject matter expertise required to deliver each client mandate. The breadth of technical disciplines within Drees & Sommer enables us to assess complex projects and portfolios with strong technical and operational drivers.  

We support clients to identify opportunities at each stage in the transaction to increase returns and reduce risk. We advise clients during the acquisition or disposal of single assets, complex portfolios or businesses. We combine technical expertise with commercial acumen to identify risks at the acquisition stage, define strategies for reducing the cost of operations, or preparing assets and portfolios for disposal to achieve the highest return on investment. 

Drees & Sommer closely supports clients with objective commercial advice on technical aspects of an asset or investment. Post-acquisition we also assist our clients to integrate assets into their portfolios or operations and support them to manage outstanding liabilities that result from the acquisition or disposal of assets. 

Our services

  • Red Flag Report 
  • Planning and Regulatory Review 
  • Fire Protection & Life Safety 
  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems 
  • Structural Assessment 
  • Operations Assessment 
  • Defects Survey 
  • CAPEX Assessment 
  • Energy Performance Assessment 
  • Flexibility of Use Assessment 
  • Development Cost Review 
  • Development Programme Review 

Service elements and service modules

  • Digital Ready Check
  • Electric Mobility
  • Long-term & Circular Investment through C2C
  • Zero Carbon
  • ESG Check

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